5/21 Hump Day Hook


For my first Hump Day Hook post, I thought I’d use something from my next book, The Last Hour of Gann. In it, colonists from Earth have crashed without hope of rescue on an alien world with a dark history. The very few survivors are soon discovered by Meoraq, a holy warrior on a pilgrimage to one of his world’s most sacred shrines, who believes the strangers have been sent by God as a test of his worthiness (and his patience). Yet among these ugly, soft-skinned monsters, there is one woman, Amber, who is unlike any woman Meoraq has ever known…

* * * * *

Meoraq gathered up a fistful of her mane as she began her formal protests and cut it off. He stabbed the blade deep into the ground, still piercing the hair—to hell with the tent; he could get another tent—and swept back the blanket. His belly was hot and every nerve felt new and alive in a way he had never known. He had never been so aware of his own body or of a woman’s. And she was still struggling, still pretending not to understand, but when he slipped his hand through her tangled hair and behind her head, her shouting, swearing protests stopped and she grew very quiet as he leaned close to scrape his chin along her throat, filling his senses with the fullness of her scent.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

His throat was too tight to answer, but hers was soft. He nuzzled his way up to the underside of her jaw and scraped his chin slowly down again, breathing her in. The heat in his belly had become pain, a second pulse like a hammer from within. His hand dropped, feeling along the front of her shirt and plucking once at the alien fastens he found there. “Take this off,” he murmured. “I don’t want to rip it.”


6 responses to “5/21 Hump Day Hook

  1. I have been an R. Lee Smith fan from the moment I picked up Heat. I love that you have a blog and I’m thrilled that I’ve landed on it. If he’s describing humans as soft-skinned monsters, then what is Meoraq? I can’t wait for this book to come out!

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