Do Blogs Have Dedication Pages? They Do Now

This blog is dedicated to my sister, Cris, without whose colossal contributions, I would not have one. She has been gently encouraging me for years to do something like this and now that I’ve finally caved, she’s had to spend quite a bit of time she could otherwise be spending on her own pursuits trying to explain to me what a widget is. I’m not kidding when I call myself a Luddite. When she first told me I had to put my entries in HTML, I told her that couldn’t be true because I’d seen the internet and plenty of it was in English.

For medical reasons, I no longer live alone. For the last six years or so, Cris and her long-suffering husband have made me welcome in their home, asking exactly zero dollars in payment. Some people will say that is what family is for, but I’m well aware that isn’t always how it washes out. I owe them both an enormous debt of gratitude. In fact, it was my sister who finally convinced me that e-readers like Kindle and Nook were not, as I insisted, the laserdisc of our day and that they would indeed be replacing paperbacks (blasphemy!) as the standard format for publication and that I really ought to give self-publishing a try. Up until that day, I’d had two rather dismal experiences with publishers and because I had failed all of two times (!) to get the results I expected, I had given up on selling my books. Not on writing them, I might add. I’ve been writing since I was twelve and I’ve considered myself readable since I was twenty or so, but until my sister literally dragged me over to the computer and showed me what to do, I was perfectly content to write the books, show them to a few friends and family members, and leave them in a folder on my hard drive called “Finished.” I simply could not believe that anyone else would be interested in them or would pay actual money to read one. Six years later, I’m crossing that dotted line out of Hobby into Making A Living and I owe it all to her persistent interference.

While I’m at it, I’d like to take a moment to thank my Beta-readers, Mical, Laura and Cris again. A good writer needs ruthlessness as much as support and I do appreciate it, even if I fail to mention it as often as I should while I’m making those bitter cuts. Also, check out my cover art! Each and every cover was designed for me by the marvelous Sarah Jane Lehoux at


17 responses to “Do Blogs Have Dedication Pages? They Do Now

  1. So so so thrilled you have a blog!! Wonderful to have an easy way to keep an eye out for your new work and what you’re up to.
    I’ve discovered a lot of new-to-me authors since I started reading ebooks , you’re one of the best of them, I’ve enjoyed your work tremendously and your books have become an auto-buy.
    Cottonwood was excellent, by the way. Can’t wait for The Last Hour of Gann.

  2. Omg!!! I’m so glad to see you have a blog! I have been looking everywhere since I first picked up one of your books (Heat) and have been looking everywhere to find out if there was anyplace I could find a semi released date for the Last Hour of Gann since I read Cottonwood! I know it said 2013 but could you give me a hint on the month? I’ve been checking Amazon weekly to see if its been posted! 🙂

    • I’m halfway through my second edit and it’ll want one more for smoothing and polish. Since I started this blog and other social media in an effort to market myself more, I suddenly have a LOT less time to work on my actual, well, work. Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be published before the end of the summer. But it will be this year, I swear! And maybe then, the social stuff won’t be as time consuming. (Learning how to navigate and setting up pages is what’s taking it out of me. I don’t think updating will be as tough. And why did those feel like famous last words?) Hopefully these little snippets (and others to come!) will keep you satisfied until the real thing is available.

      • Thanks for the info R Lee! I shall wait patiently then becuase your books are worth it!

  3. I agree with Rue. I am thrilled as well to see that you now have a blog that we can visit and get updates and insights into your works-past and future. I adore the things you have written. They are some of the few books I will reread (quite an undertaking given the scope and length of most of them!) I am thankful to Cris for encouraging you to share your gifts with us.

  4. Thank you! Thank you for venturing into this social media oriented world but mostly, Thank You for sharing your incredible talent! I am in awe of your writing and the way I am pulled into your storylines as though I am standing right there next to Taryn’s tent watching her hands bleed or creeping through the dark tunnels of the Sholomance! I will be starting Cottonwood this weekend and I can’t wait to dive in! I read Heat first and then I immediately read it again. After sharing bits of it with a co-worker and then with my sister, I have been thrilled to hear them say how much they, too, love your work. I read books often on the recommendations of others and I enjoy it when I am able to turn someone else on to an author I like. I admit to scouring the internet for your “page” or “site” just to see if there was another book out there that I had yet to uncover. Having said that, I understand how it could be overwhelming and time consuming and I would hate to think there was another story in your head unable to escape because you were tied up answering my post, so let me just say once more, Thank you!

    I wish you well and send you blessings/prayers/hope/and magic for healthier days!

      • Cottonwood was amazing and I can’t wait for The Last Hour of Gann! I’ve never met one of your bad guys I didn’t love, and Samaritan was no exception. Any chance he will get a story of his own? 🙂

      • Cottonwood’s story is done (except in my head, where all stories go on into infinity), but I agree that Samaritan stole the show whenever he showed up.

  5. Love the internet……it is how I discovered you and HEAT. Today was especially good for me as it is my first day up in over a week since I got ill and was looking to get my reading back on track. Lo and behold, discovered your blog. You have been bookmarked so that I can stay abreast with your wordsmith capabilities and expertise.

    Now I will settle into the night with Cottonwood and when my eyes give out I will switch over to text/speech to listen. Technology is good but only as good as the author.

    Thank you soooo much for listening to your sister!!!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping in to say Hi! I’ll let Cris know that once again, she was right and I was wrong. I believe the score is now a bazillion to three, her favor.

  6. I am so happy to discover your blog! Your writing is wonderful, unlike anything I’ve come across — and believe me, ever since reading Heat and encountering the unforgettable nightmare that is Kane, I’ve been looking around, hungry for another fix. There aren’t any. Heat is a truly unique reading experience. Forgive me but I’m desperate here and have to ask it: are there other authors of erotic horror that you would recommend? Do you read the genre — I don’t even know what to call it — or do you just write it? Thanks for the books. I’m a big fan.

    • Thank you for the compliments! As far as my favorite authors of erotic horror, my top recommendations are a pair of oldies but goodies: The Hot Blood series, a set of anthologies edited by Jeff Gelb and Micheal Garrett, and I Shudder At Your Touch (and sequel Shudder Again) edited by Michele Slung. I’m always on the lookout for someone new to read, and would welcome your recommendations. There are a lot of very talented writers out there, and the paranormal genre is simply exploding, but my tastes tend to be a bit…ah…darker than what seems to be popular. Getting involved in these blog hops has opened my eyes to a lot of writers whose work interests me and who I otherwise would never have known about. I can only imagine that as time goes on, I’ll be reading more. And hopefully writing more too!

  7. I can finally get in touch with you? AGH!

    Lady, reading your work is an experience. I just love your collection and I’ve lost count of my re-reads.

    I’d been working on a career as a Librarian, am quite picky about my fiction and want you to know that your storytelling has raised my standards. Seriously. The only other authors that I can say have done such are Steinbeck and Rothfuss.

    Thank you for that.

    I’m starving for Gann and will buy and read anything you write (I already own everything you’ve published). I actually found your blog because I have a Gann search saved in my bookmarks. I’m ridiculous.

    Welcome to blog world. Thanks for creating this space.

    • Thank you so much for finding me! If you want a chance to win a free copy of The Last Hour of Gann when it comes out, be sure to enter one of my giveaways this month!

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