Hump Day Hook 6/5/13

Welcome to another Hump Day Hook! Each Wednesday, participating authors post a few paragraphs from a published work or work-in-progress for blog-hoppers to enjoy. Today’s hook is another snippet from the scene I’m currently editing in The Last Hour of Gann. If you like it, be sure to click the link and check out the other authors on the Hump Day List!


When the sun came up the next morning, Amber and Meoraq were awake and watching from the top of the next hill over to see sunrise over Gedai for the first time. Holy Gedai, as Meoraq called it. Birthplace of the Prophet. The land where, in just a few more days, they would find the temple where Meoraq thought he was going to talk to God. Her first impression was that it looked a lot like the same brown grass, the same windy sky, the same open plains as they’d left on the other side of the mountain. Maybe a little more wooded, a little less flat, but that was all.

“What do you think?” she asked, studying Meoraq’s inscrutable face in the thin morning light.

“Looks like your hair first thing in the morning,” he replied. “Only it’s everywhere instead of just in my face.”


11 responses to “Hump Day Hook 6/5/13

    • Yes, I realized after I posted the snippet that this would be the first time readers would stumble over that part of things, but Meoraq is on his way to an ancient shrine where, if the doors open, God will meet you.

  1. That’s it? Arghhh – yes, GREAT hook. Loved the first part – ‘looks like your hair…’. Read that and thought, OK, paints a picture, it’s factual. But, the best is yet to come – ‘Only it’s everywhere instead of just my face’. First time I read it I got emotional. Second time I read it, I laughed. I know – patience – but I cannot wait to read this book.

    • Yes, sorry about that. The problem with taking these hooks from my current editing area is that you’re starting with snippets from the last half of the book. Meoraq is taking her with him on his journey to an ancient shrine where God allegedly manifests to those worthy enough to enter.

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