The Sizzle Continues

June 1st officially kicked off the Sizzling Summer Reads Party, hosted by the good folks at and to help celebrate, every Monday and Thursday in June, I will be posting some sizzling samples from each of my books. I warn you right now: Some of them are weirder than others. Today’s sizzle comes from my book Olivia, which opens with the abduction of the heroine out of her apartment in the middle of the night by a group of winged, horned, clawed creatures and only gets stranger from there. Over the course of the book, Olivia ceases to be the creatures’ prisoner and must instead become their champion. In this excerpt, Olivia is confronted by Logarr, an outcast of sorts, who is himself a tool in the grip of forces beyond his control. If you like today’s sizzling snippet (and even if you don’t like it, I guess), this coming Sneak Peek Sunday and Weekend Writer Warriors snippets will tell more of Olivia’s story, so tune in again. And don’t forget to comment on this post for another chance to win one of my ebooks of the title of your choice, including the upcoming Last Hour of Gann (drawing to be held July 1st)!


Logarr emerged from the shadows. “It is time,” he said calmly.

“I’m not meeting with you.”

He gazed at her, neither surprised nor disturbed. “Then I will challenge your mate,” he said.

“I’ll tell him to concede to you and I’ll refuse you.” She lifted her chin, glared at him. “I’ll go the women’s tunnels and I won’t come out again until Vorgullum comes back and puts an end to all this.”

He smiled. It was not a threatening or unpleasant expression, much as she wanted it to be. It was just tired. “As you like it, Olivia,” he said.

“And you’ll leave me alone?” she asked suspiciously.


“What are you going to do to me if I don’t come to you?”

“Something like this,” he answered, and before she could do more than flinch, he reached up and tapped her on the forehead with one claw.

Just a tap. Hardly worth noticing. If she’d been asleep, it wouldn’t have even woken her up. She started to ask him what on Earth that had been meant to do and didn’t. Couldn’t.

She couldn’t move, could only watch him approach her until she could feel the heat from his body. She made a conscious effort to do something, anything, even blink her eyes, but her body was not her own.

Logarr spoke, his eyes locked with hers and strangely sad, far removed from the things he promised her. “You will come to me, Olivia. Your thighs will open around me. Your body will ache and tremble where I touch it. I will taste your sweat and caress the secret places within and without. I will have you, Olivia, possess you, consume you. And I am sorry. I wish that it had been anyone else, anyone.”  His finger brushed at her slack palm. His eyes dropped to look at it and for the first time, his voice faltered. “I still remember the way you smiled at me…the way you reached out your hand…”

She tried to scream, but all she managed was a soft sigh as she pushed air uselessly between her open lips.

“Do not resist me,” Logarr whispered, kneeling before her. She couldn’t see him, but his voice invaded her completely, almost as though it originated in her mind. “Do not resist her. You can’t win. Believe me, I know.”

His hands caressed her ankles, slipped up her legs, over her thighs, her hips. Her skirt pooled over his wrists, tickling her where the hem lightly kissed her. She wanted to struggle and could not move, wanted to moan and could scarcely continue to breathe.


3 responses to “The Sizzle Continues

  1. I think I may have to start Olivia tonight, of course then I’ll be up all night reading it but some things are worth losing sleep for. And it’s been a while since I read it last.

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