Bye-Bye to the Bad Boys

Sizzling Summer continues, but The Bad Boys of Romance Giveaway Blog Hop officially ends today. I had a lot of fun and I hope you all checked them out and found lots of new authors to take home. Today, I conclude the super-sized snippet I started on Saturday with an early Sneak Peek Sunday snippet and a…gosh, that’s a lot of alliterative ss’s…and a late Weekend Writer Warrior 8-Sentences. This is your last chance to leave a comment and enter my Bad Boys of Romance Giveaway for a chance to win an ecopy of one of my books (although there is still plenty of time to enter the Sizzling Summer Reads Giveaway and the Hot and Deadly Giveaway that will kick-off on June 20th!). Just be aware that because all my books contain graphic violence and strong sexual content, I cannot assume all who comment want to enter. YOU MUST TELL ME you wish to enter and leave a viable email address so I can contact you if you win. The Bad Boys of Romance drawing will be held tomorrow after I roll out of bed. The next drawing will be the Hot and Deadly Drawing on June 25th and the last one will be the Sizzling Summer Reads Drawing on July 1st. Good luck to all who enter! All those who don’t enter…well, good luck to you, I guess, on whatever you do when you don’t enter drawings.


“Will you let me?” she asked, letting her hand caress his face. It was a handsome face, she realized, for all that his eyes were so awful and empty. She kissed him again, and this time, his tongue came to meet hers. Her hand drifted down, across his chest, over his hard stomach, toward the stiffening core of him, but then away and down the inner slope of his thigh.

He chuckled into her mouth and pulled his face away. “You’re teasing me,” he said with gentle menace. “That can be dangerous.”

“Humans do that,” she said, licking at the hollow of his throat. “When they want to take their time.”

“Is that what you want? To take your time?” He twined his hand lazily in her hair, and then pulled her down into his kiss. It was a deep kiss, hungry and unskilled, but kindling real desire in her nonetheless. “To play with me?” he murmured, breathing into her mouth.

“Yes. Will you let me?” she asked again. She began to move her hips in small circles, just brushing against the front of his pants, light as a feather. The sensation was pure silver, tiny strokes of lightning arcing up through her, and she closed her eyes to enjoy it.

“I don’t know.” His hand came up and slipped beneath her skirt, cupping her bare pubis. His thumb pressed against her clit as he stroked up into her folds. She leaned into his touch, wanting him to feel the excitement that pulsed lightly through her womb, but he withdrew and grinned up at her. “Say please.”

“Please.” She tried to slide her hand beneath the waist of his pants, but he caught both her wrists and held her in just one of his hands. She could feel him erect against her belly, but he would not let her touch him.

“Say, d’shorr,” he murmured. His eyes were sparkling and his smile, cruel.

D’shorr,” she echoed obediently, and tried unsuccessfully to pull out of his grip.

With his free hand, Kane cupped her breast. He squeezed, just hard enough to send a shiver up her spine. “D’shorr, Kane,” he growled, tracing small circles over her nipple. “Tamya y sa d’shorr.”

She repeated as best she was able, stumbling over the alien words as she leaned into the rough caress. There was a throb deep inside her, light at first, but growing more insistent as Kane continued to taunt her with his careful touch.

Kane’s claws grazed lightly down the curve of her rubs, and then he slipped between her thighs again. He rubbed his palm back and forth over her aching pussy, grinding against her but fulfilling nothing. “D’shorr, Kane. D’shorr en chok-sa. Say it, Raven. Ask me nicely.”

She tried, tumbling brokenly from her mouth as she struggled to find release against his teasing hand. “D’shorr, Kane. D’shorr en…en…tamya.” She gasped as he finally parted her, stroking up deep and slow as she shivered and clenched around him. “Tamya!”

“That’s terrible.” His hand left her pussy. His fingers invaded her mouth. She reacted unthinkingly, sucking at the salt of her own oils, and struggling to free her wrists from his iron grip. She pushed against his rigid shaft, managing only to sink a greater heat deep into her womb. He bent his head and licked at her breast, tonguing her nipple and tugging carefully at the metal imbedded there. “I don’t think you mean it.”

D’shorr…d’shorr…” She couldn’t remember the rest. Her hips were rocking, sliding along the restrained length of him and driving her further into frustration. She wanted him, for the first time, she really wanted him and he was playing with her. A half-sob escaped her, even as she shivered with desire. “Kane, please, don’t do this to me!”

Suddenly, she was spinning. He flung her down on the mattress, slamming her hands together over her head, and pressed down on her from above. “What have I told you?” he growled, his teeth against the thin hollow of her throat. He thrust his knee between her thighs, parting them without grace and without resistance, and rubbed hard at her in the rhythm of sex. “What have I told you about telling me don’t?”

“Please!” she cried, writhing beneath him. “You said you’d let me!”

“I never said that, Raven,” he told her, almost singing it. His tongue lashed up the side of her neck and plunged into her mouth in a parody of the mating he would not otherwise allow. His free hand moved over her breasts, pinching and caressing, and his knee pumped at her with deliberate slowness as he kissed her. Then he pulled out of reach, nipping once at her jaw, and grinned down at her savagely. “Ask me nicely, Raven.”


“Wrong.” He bent and closed his mouth over her nipple, the pleasure so immediate and exquisite that it hurt. He rolled the sensitive bud with his tongue, bit very lightly, and then pressed against her and sucked hard, bringing her just to the cusp of an explosive orgasm. He drew back, glancing down at his knee, still rocking against her. “You certainly seem to be enjoying this,” he observed, “but you still won’t ask me nicely. I think I’m done here.”

D’shorr, Kane!” She was almost screaming it, her hips thrusting up at his knee. “Tamya y…y…chok-sa d’shorr!”

He chuckled. “Close. But you’ll have to do better. Let’s have one more, and if you can get it right, I’ll give you something special. If you can’t…oh well.” He moved toward her mouth, then out of reach again as she strained up to meet him. “Your lesson, Raven,” he said sternly. His whole body stilled, his eyes grew sharp and hot. “Se ven garrug-ta,” he said, all playfulness gone. “Se garrug y sildurra Kane.”

What was she telling him? Breathless, aching with need, she couldn’t make herself care. But she could say the words.

He closed his eyes to hear them, his face at once stony and tense with some violent, hidden emotion. When he opened his eyes again, they burned. “Very good,” he said quietly, and got up.

“No!” She surged forward, clutching at his arm. “You promised!”

Kane stepped away from the bed, but not out of her grip. “Show me,” he said. He unfastened the front of his pants, still staring down at her with that strange, hot expression. “Show me, and tomorrow I’ll let you take whatever you want from me.”


10 responses to “Bye-Bye to the Bad Boys

  1. Great job! It is amazing how you can come up with an alien language and make us believe and ‘almost’ understand it. I have really enjoyed the Bad Boys of Romance Blog Hop. Please enter me for The Last Hour of Gann. I hope there is a ‘bad boy’ in that one as well.

  2. Hot, Hot, Hot. I remember when I first read Heat, I could not put it down. Yes, I’ve read it more than once. Thanks for the snippet. Please enter me in the draw for The Hour of Gaan.

  3. Loved this book , I’d like to know if you have any other book with the same kind of violence , gore and sexual content as this one ?

    • Pretty much all of them, to be honest. Olivia is probably the most on par with the number of sex scenes but is less gory; The Scholomance is even more gory; A lot of people found Cottonwood to be too violent for their taste, even though I personally thought it was the “softest” thing I’d written. It’s hard to sit here and think critically about where each book would fit on a spectrum that had Heat anchoring one end, but yeah, they all have some degree of really graphic violence and strong sexual content which doesn’t always color within the lines.

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