Hot and Deadly Hop Begins

Last week, I participated in the Bad Boys Blog Hop, so some of you may already have heard my ramblings on the subject of sexy villains. Fortunately for you, I can always go darker. The fine folks at want to know how we define deadly. ‘Is he deadly to the heroine’s peace of mind?’ they ask. ‘Deadly to her sense of security?’ To which I reply with hearty laughter, because there is only one way my hot-n-deadlies are deadly and I think we all know what it is.

So let me take your hand and lead you back in time. You’re sitting in the dark. Ahead of you, you see a hedge maze at night. You can hear the howling of wolves, here in your own safe garden. Your friend has run on ahead up the dark path; you can never catch more than a glimpse of her filmy nightdress—deep crimson, winding around her slender, pale body like blood. Do you know where we are yet?

We’re in a movie theater, watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula and it’s about to get good.

I was in my teens when this film came out and already a die-hard horror fanatic. I fell into this movie with happy abandon, losing myself immediately in that gothic world, but up until that moment, understand, it had been a monster movie. Vampires were not love interests yet. Dracula was Death.

And then Mina slipped around that last hedge and there was Lucy, crying out with what even my fourteen year-old ears knew was not pain as Dracula (engaged in a little cosplay as Beastman from the Masters of the Universe cartoon) moved against her. This was not the first sexual act I had seen on film before, nor the most graphic, but it was the most sexual. Then he raised his head and his face was awful, batlike and contorted and smeared with blood, and he ordered her not to see him and then he was gone and nothing was the same for me again.

From that moment on, I was aware of all the sex in horror movies, the sex that so often led irrevocably to death. I realized for the first time that the heroes were often frustrated, the victims were promiscuous, the virgins were vulnerable and the monsters were sexy. Yes, I mean it. Just don’t look at the face. Underneath the mask, the vast majority of monsters are ripped as hell, with bulging muscles and rocking abs. And generally speaking, the deadlier the monster, the uglier the mask and sexier the body. More and more, the sexuality of the monster is being emphasized rather than hidden, and I’m not talking about campy crap like Killer Condom or Poultrygeist, I mean real movies—Species, Slither, Splice. The age of the globulous blob and the giant irradiated insect is gone. We don’t want our monsters to eat us anymore. We want to be fucked to death.

But you don’t watch horror movies, you say? You don’t have to. Hot-n-deadly is everywhere. Twilight sold a billion books (and a billion shades of grey) precisely because the hero was a vampire; he had killed people, he could do it again and some part of him desperately wanted to. There’s no way that series would have been the juggernaut it is if the hero was instead some poor sap who wears body glitter and thinks the heroine smells nice. No. Only an implied history of barely-suppressed carnage makes that sexy. The X-Men franchise began with a whole cadre of superheroes that might as well have never existed except the Wolverine. Because he’s heroic? Charming? Courageous? No, because he can murder-stab his way through a city block and he does not apologize for it. He is the best at what he does and what he does ain’t pretty. My mother literally papered the walls of her sewing room with posters of Indiana Jones, who brought a gun to a swordfight, a spinning propeller to a fistfight, and a kid to a pit full of alligators. And don’t even get me started on James Bond. Any James Bond.

So what is the appeal? With very few exceptions, we wouldn’t want to meet any of these men in real life, much less cohabit with them. (Seriously. You know Wolverine drinks and taps that nasty cigar ash everywhere and he’s always ripping the hell out of his clothes.) Why do we fantasize about these men?

Personally, I think it’s for the same reason we fantasize about smacking them. In my writer’s workshop beta group, not one woman, not one, has ever slapped a man in the face for any reason, and yet we’ve all written a righteous manslap in at least one of our books (I’m not sure, but I may have one in all of mine). Why do we do it? Because deep in the unevolved part of our brains, violence = passion = sex. The more passionate the passion, the hotter the sex, so it follows that the hottest men have the highest body count. That’s my theory, anyway. Now excuse me while I go watch AvP in my room. In the dark. Don’t judge me.

Anyhoo, to celebrate the Hot and Deadly Hop, I thought I’d give away an ecopy of one of my books, winner’s choice, including The Last Hour of Gann, which should be available at the end of summer. If you want to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on any post tagged “Hot and Deadly” (which is pretty much limited to this post and maybe one other) before the end of the hop on June 24th, making sure to tell me you want to enter and to leave a viable email address so I can contact the winner, who will be drawn on June 25th. Remember that because all my books contain graphic violence and strong sexual content, I cannot just assume that everyone who comments wants a book. Therefore, if you want to enter, YOU MUST SAY SO in the comment.

Sexy athletic body

For more thoughts on the invisible tie between sexy and deadly, head on over to for a list of authors participating in the Hot And Deadly Blog Hop or just click the link in the sidebar (third from the top). There are lots of talented authors of every genre and heat level, as well as prizes and giveaways, so check them out and share the love, and remember, it’s all fun until somebody gets hurt. Then it’s hot as hell.


35 responses to “Hot and Deadly Hop Begins

  1. I always love your posts! I can’t help but nod my agreement to all you are saying. Anyways, I’d love to win a copy of The last hour of gaan!

  2. I am reading Eternal Lover right now and love Rhage. These books are awesome so far!!!
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  3. I love that scene… I have actually never considered most of the monsters in my favorite movies to be monsters at all, but victims. Who could hate Frankenstein when all he wants is a woman of his own? My first association to bad “guy” = hot sex was in The Howling. Dee Wallace’s husband ( or maybe just love interest?) is seduced by a female wolf. She rips his back to shreds as they copulate (my new favorite word thanks to Sanford!) and she “changes” him. Is it any wonder that Beauty and the Beast was my favorite childhood story?

    The Last Hour of Gann is the only one of your books I don’t have. Perhaps I will win it, if you will kindly enter me?

    • I loved Frankenstein too. He had such a sympathetic character that it’s hard for me to imagine anyone at any time was ever scared by him. He also gets one of my favorite lines in all of moviedom: “Yes, dead. I love…dead.”

      You are entered!

  4. The hooded eyes, the unwavering stare and steady, feral-like stalk toward the heroine all get my shiver meter rising in print or in film. You were so right that, ‘we wouldn’t wnat to meet any of these men in real life.’ We like our ‘hot and deadly’ held safely at arms length so we can view and fantasize to our hearts content. We are voyeurs. I hope to meet the Mr. Hot and Deadly you have imagined for us in The Last Hour of Gann. Please allow me an entry.

  5. I’m currently reading “To Have and to Hold” by Patricia Gaffney. The hero rapes the heroine. Ina way it made me think about Raven in Heat. The first time she and Kane had sex, she felt if she participated and didn’t define this forced sex as rape, then it wasn’t. In a similar way, the hero seemed to feel if he forced the heroine with out hitting her or physically hurting her, he wasn’t thinking of it as rape…
    And yet…a hugely popular novel. I’d like the Gann book if I win!

    • My sister (reading unabashedly over my shoulder like the mannerless heathen that she is) says she has that book somewhere, so I’ll have to see if I can’t find that scene. But yes, I think sexual power is a big part (there’s no way to avoid that pun; anything I wrote looked worse) of bad boy makeup. Another good example is Scar from Penny Alley’s Incubus Moon.

  6. Maybe it’s because we think we can ‘change’ the bad boy, we are drawn to them. I though Kane was 200% more appealing than Tagen. Again, so happy that you are blogging. Yes, please enter me in the draw. Gann Gann Gann.

  7. Roger Moore just didn’t do it for me, but I agree on any of the others.

    Yes, pls. enter my name in the contest and yes, I would like to win a book. Thanks,

    • Whereas for me, Roger Moore was the best Bond of them all (and Sean Connery was one of the worst. Which puts me firmly in the minority on both lists, I know, but I can’t help how I feel. I love Bond movies. I’ve seen virtually all of them and I just hated Connery’s Bond. Roger Moore was suave. Connery was just smug).

      You are entered.

  8. I love my bad boys majorly damaged…but ultimately redeemable.

    Please enter me in the contest!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  9. Please enter me in your Hot and Deadly Blog Hop Contest. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Hi! Great post! I loved the movie Dracula growing up to! I loved it! The characters were so …engaging. Im also a horror movie fanatic too! Cant get enough of them. Tho, today, there not scary. :/ I havent really found a movie that scares me anymore. The plots are all the same. :/ Thanks for sharing! You have a great day!

    • I have to agree with you, it’s been a long time since a movie really messed me up. (The Grudge, if you want to know, was the last one to really do a number on me…but BOY did it do a number on me!) Yet I still gotta watch every new one to come down the gory pike! Thanks for dropping in! You are entered!

      • lol That one was creepy! Tell ya, the one that got to me was Jeepers Creepers, the first one. I used to have nightmares about a creature like that. Then they came out with that movie. *shivers* Ive watched that movie only one time. lol It was enough for me! lol
        Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th of July!

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