Sizzling Summer Celebration

Congratulations to BN100, who won my Hot and Deadly Drawing! An ecopy of Cottonwood will be winging its way to you shortly.  If you didn’t win, fear not, there is one more chance!

June 1st officially kicked off the Sizzling Summer Reads Party, hosted by the good folks at There are literally hundreds of authors participating in Sizzling Summer and they are fabulous. Every day, a handful of books are spotlighted with a quick quiz. You can find the answers by clicking on the helpful hint links, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget the question once you start exploring those sites. There’s fun and prizes and cake and lots of authors you can’t wait to read yet. (The cake is a lie.) So tell your friends and be sure to check back with them every day to explore some fresh sizzle and share your favorites!

In the meantime, I am celebrating in my own way by offering up some of the sizzling-er snippets from my books every Monday and Thursday (technically, this is Tuesday, because I wasn’t home on Monday, but it’s only been Tuesday for half an hour). Today’s snippet is once again from Heat, to honor both the Sizzling Summer Reads and Hot and Deadly hops. Although Hot and Deadly is now in the past, Sizzling Summer Sizzles onward, and until the end of the month, you can still enter to win any one of my books, including the upcoming The Last Hour of Gann, due at the end of the summer. If you wish to enter the giveaway, make sure you leave a comment on any post tagged with Sizzling Summer Reads and tell me you want to enter. Please be aware that all my books contain a certain element of sci-fi, fantasy or horror violence as well as strong sexual content! One winner will be drawn on July 1st. Until then, be sure to visit and check out all the other Sizzling authors by clicking the helpful link in the sidebar.


The room was muggy, but not too bad. The climate controls were fairly quiet and its effects nearly immediate. Kane stood before the chilly breeze it spat out, gazing through the curtains at the groundcars rushing by. Humans doing human things, busily pissing away their lives and completely unaware of how transitory it could be. He shut the curtains.

Sue-Eye had taken one of the beds and sat there looking sullen, but she was easy to ignore, especially with Raven standing beyond her. Raven’s eyes were shining with anticipation, her color was high and her breath quick. Her musk was in the air, as it had been in the groundcar, betraying her earnest arousal to him. She had wanted him all morning, but now that she had him, she was waiting for his word. She was flushed and she was eager, but always obedient to his will.

Kane strode towards her, smiling. His Raven. His fierce little fuck-mate. What he wanted now more than anything was to take her with all the vehement jubilation of a true Jotan frenzy. He wanted to take her up against the wall, not even to undress each other but just to lose one another in thrashing, eager flesh. He wanted to revel in her. He wanted to feel her teeth and give her his claws. He wanted all these things, yes, but it wasn’t what he’d promised her and there was an excitement and a power in just the thought of surrendering himself to her that made his Jotan urgings quiet. He stopped just a pace shy of her and spread his arms in invitation.

She came at once to kiss him, a human thing he had anticipated, and he lifted her so that she could more easily reach his mouth. She tasted him hungrily, invading him again and again only to draw back, sucking and biting at his lips. He mimicked her tolerantly and felt her pressing harder against him in response. There were no words between them, but communication of some kind passed anyway; he gave before her greedy assault, pursuing only when she withdrew, letting the kiss become a test of her dominance

Gradually, her kisses trailed away from just his mouth. He let her slowly back onto her feet, his head thrown back to take her teeth on his throat, on his chest, and lower still. She knelt, opening him to air, and he heard her call to Sue-Eye.

The next thing he felt he had to close his eyes to savor—his females on their knees on either side of him…


11 responses to “Sizzling Summer Celebration

  1. Yeah, that scene does sizzle. Since you started to post Heat snippets, I’ve gone back to read some of my fav scenes and the above is one of them. I especially love the ending and I know that there will be many fans who will want a sequel. Have you considered writing Heat 2? I know, that’s not a good name for the book, but you get my drift. Is there a small scene, a little novella maybe that is sitting in your pile? Please enter me in the draw.

  2. I agree with CGirl. I have also wanted to know what happened with Kane and Raven after… uh… Heat ended. Can’t give away too much to the folks who haven’t read it yet! Those characters just kind of stay with you. Please enter me for the Last Hour of Gann.

    • Thank you! I took a bit of criticism when the book first came out for giving the villain a HEA, but now it’s one of the things I get the most positive feedback for. Funny how things work out, huh?

      You are entered! Good luck on the drawing!

  3. Heat is probably my favorite book by you! Even though Kane was the villain I still liked him! I even tried disliking him but it just didn’t work!
    I would love to win a copy of the last hour of gaan!

  4. I love your book Heat. I’ve read it several times. The first time I read it I forced myself to put it down at 4:00am because I had to get up at 5:30. When I finished, I started it again immediately so I could slowly savour it. I’d love a hard copy of Heat.

    • I’m working on getting all my books into the hardcopy arena, but I’m working on a lot of things these days. It may not be right away, but I promise that when I do finally do it, I’ll let everyone know.

  5. Somewhat SPOILER-Y question don’t read if you haven’t read Heat.

    I’ve always wondered what happened to Sue-Eye after the book closed. Raven and Kane got their HEA which I was quite happy about, and the last part of the book the first time I read it was quite tense, waiting to see how their story would end. I was wanting things to end well for them – and I wasn’t sure if that would happen given that Kane was the villain.
    But where did Sue-Eye end up? From a practical standpoint I wonder how all of the chaos left behind on Earth would have been dealt with by law enforcement -the human ones I mean. Did she end up being blamed for any of the deaths? And what about Kati? She at least should have gotten off, you’d think a competent lawyer could have managed it but did that happen?
    Any chance of enlightenment?

    And one more entry if you please?

    • Since there will never be an official sequel to Heat, I suppose you can make up your own aftermath. Myself, I’ve always imagined that Sue-Eye took the rap for most, if not all, of Kane’s killings and Kati was sent to a comfortable institution for rehab (I always imagined she came from a wealthy family. She has that feeling of entitlement about her). I also thought that Kati eventually talked herself into believing she imagined the whole episode in the woods while she was high and that there never was a “bible guy”…at least until she met him again.

      But no, there never will be an official sequel.

      One more entry for Rue!

      • I’m not terribly sad about there not being a sequel in the works, if there were I’d read it but I like where the book left off. Everybody walked away (well the key characters anyway) and nobody particularly lost, I’d think maybe it would be hard to have that happen again without seeming contrived. As it is it seemed like both pairs had futures where they could be happy -for their particular values of “happy” even if it wasn’t guaranteed, they left off in good places.

        Also pleased with the ending for Sue-Eye, I really didn’t like her so that works for me. And I Kati’s is good too, though the met him again bit is ….intriguing.

        Thanks for the entry!

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