Weekend Writer Warrior 7/20

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Nicci gave her a wet, blank stare and moved the papers around some more. “I don’t…Where…What do you want to do?”

Amber picked up the brochure and moved it a little closer to her sister’s trembling hands. “I went to see the Manifestors.”

Nicci stared at her. “No,” she said. Not in a tough way, maybe, but not as feebly as she’d been saying things either. “Amber, no!”


15 responses to “Weekend Writer Warrior 7/20

    • It takes so long because I have to physically meet with my betas once a week and do the readings, then come home and work through their suggestions. The third edit will be much quicker.

      Another entry for CGirl!

    • The Manifest Destiny Society is a large group of people (some might call them a cult) who have adopted the old philosophy of Manifest Destiny that moved pioneers out West. This belief revolves around the idea that American culture and institutions were superior to all others and that God Himself wanted America to dominate the continent. It was used to great success to encourage droves of people to colonize the West. This version, under the leadership of their charismatic Director, wants to colonize another world. It’s a philosophy that I still see today in a lot of the sci-fi movies that so obviously inspire me. Just switch out “American” for “human” and you have the plotline for virtually every movie where humans go to another world. When I first got the dual ideas for this book and for Cottonwood, it was following a marathon of really cheesy sci-fi movies while I was too weak to get out of bed, and after watching humans land on an already-inhabited planet for the umpteenth time and start slaughtering the natives because for some reason, THEY were the threat, I began toying with the notion of writing a book in which either Manifest Destiny hits the brick wall of justice and reality, or the alien “invaders” who come to our planet really just got the spacecraft equivilant of a flat tire and only want to go home (which was a splendidly original concept until District 9 came along, damn it. Also, my sister Cris reminds me that Alien Nation was both a great movie and series that had the same general idea, although less dystopian).

      Is seeing them a bad idea? I, the author, think so, mostly because the very idea of Manifest Destiny seems like such a devastating form of expansion. In the context of The Last Hour of Gann, there is also the fact that the Manifest Destiny Society operates as a cult, with the full power of the organization in the hands of one man, answerable to no one. But it’s a man who is offering very real and attractive incentives to those who join him, and I can see why Amber would put aside her misgivings and sign up.

  1. Excellent explanation that has just made me want more, more, more!! I already have an entry on a previous day. I look forward to the next excerpt.

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