Sunday Sneak Peek 7/21

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“Then we’re going to have to go on the state.” She had a pamphlet for that option, too. She tossed it on the table in front of Nicci with an ugly slap of sound. More a booklet than a pamphlet, really, with none of the pretty fonts and colorful pictures the Manifestors put in their own brochure. “Read it,” she said.


“Okay. I’ll just run down the bullet points for you. To begin with, it’ll take six to eight weeks before we’re accepted, if we’re accepted, so we’ll still lose this place. However, once we’re homeless, there shouldn’t be any trouble getting a priority stamp on our application to move into a state-run housing dorm, so there’s that.”

Nicci put both hands to her face and sobbed harder. Amber’s own eyes tried to sting, but she wouldn’t let them. Crying was a pointless little-girl thing to do and it hadn’t fixed one goddamn thing since it had been invented by the very first pointless little girl. Problems only got solved when you did something about them.

“We’ll only be allowed to take one standard-size carry-case each,” said Amber evenly, watching her baby sister cry, “and we can’t afford a storage pod, so most of this stuff will have to be sold or left behind.”

“Stop it! Please, just stop!”


10 responses to “Sunday Sneak Peek 7/21

  1. Amber is definitely a survivor. I hope she can save Nicci as well as herself. My Magic Eight Ball says,”things are not looking hopeful”. But, it is early yet. Let me shake it again. Please allow me another entry.

    • Gosh, I wish I had a magic 8-ball…funny how all the “retro” toys in fashion these days were the ones I was too poor to get as a kid. If I had a magic 8-ball, I would keep it on my desk in my office and shake it every time I needed help with the plot’s direction. Then I’d have someone to blame when people didn’t like the book.

      Another entry for MsDebMs!

  2. Do you think these snippets run for long enough for us to see them leaving Earth? You’ve still got a ways to catch up to the teaser in Cottonwood and it hadn’t happened yet there. Definitely hooked on this story.
    And may I have an entry again? Thank you!

    • I honestly don’t know. At the rate I’m going, you’re bound to get through the first and second chapters, maybe even the third, before I’m ready to put the book up for sale. However, it’s a goodly chunk of book before Meoraq is introduced, and I’m toying with the idea of cutting Amber off short so that I can bring him on the scene. I haven’t decided yet. Looking at my snippet-log, I see three weeks’ worth of stuff before you catch up to Cottonwood’s excerpt. I won’t even be done reading to my betas by then, plus I’ve got the whole third-edit run to do. So to answer your question, I don’t know.

      Another entry for Rue in the hat!

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