Weekend Writer Warrior 8/3

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“So I went to see the Manifestors,” she said. She sounded, to her own ears, a lot like the pinch-faced old man at the orientation seminar, trying to be professional while still getting through something deeply unpleasant and perhaps contagious as quickly as possible. Everyone knew about the Manifest Destiny Society and their ship; she said it anyway. “They’ve still got room. I guess they’re having some trouble filling their quota for young women, so we’re actually guaranteed a contract if we apply.”

“They’re having trouble because it’s never been tested!”

“Sure it has. They’ve Tunneled out to all the other planets.”


15 responses to “Weekend Writer Warrior 8/3

  1. An interesting snippet which raises a lot of questions in my mind about the culture and the Manifest Destiny Society – and the two MCs deciding whether or not to apply. Nicely done #8

  2. The feeling I get when I read your snippets is alot like the feeling I get before Christmas. I will shake the package…still…at my age…and wonder what it is while the butterflies swarm in my tummy because I know I have to wait to open it. You are giving us a hint of our present but we sitll have to wait until Fall (?) to open our gift. Please allow my another entry.

    • My hope was to have it done at the end of August, but here it is the beginning of August, so yeah, sometime in September. Look on the bright side: The longer it takes me to do it, the more of the preview you get to read.

      Another entry it is!

  3. Yay a new snippet! I know that things aren’t going to go well with the whole Manifest Destiny ship, because that’s obvious already but… If this sort of thing were actually possible now, I think I’d be really seriously tempted to sign up. Too many scifi novels at a formative age I guess. I really want to see another planet from the ground, rather than through a telescope.
    May I have an entry please?

    • I know, huh? My love of sci-fi hits a major obstacle in my sense of reality, though. Colonizing a planet would be so much hard work. Every now and then, as I’m riding across the midwest in my air-conditioned car, I look out at the hilly plains and just try to imagine walking across it in the brain-boiling muggy heat of this godforsaken part of the world…cutting the timber to build my one- or two-room house…farming in the age before tractors…hell, even just cooking before grocery stores, refrigerators, electric stovetops or the massive trucking industry that brings in my supply of ‘staple’ luxury foods like salt, sugar and baking soda. Much as I would love to see an alien world, I’m afraid I’d want to wait for the second ship, when the infrastructure is already built and waiting for me.

      You are entered!

  4. From the previous peeks of this book, Gann seems more spiritual. I found Olivia very spiritual. May I have an entry please.

  5. Great 8… it reminds of 8th grade history, when I asked my dad to please explain to me the concept of “Manifest Destiny” and although he did a great job of explaining, I still did not understand. Maybe if he had told me a story…. 🙂

    • I was quite taken with the concept in school myself, mostly because it seems like such an obvious con. But then, most of the homesteaders had less pioneering spirit and more crushing poverty, so they didn’t care how they got the land as long as they got it. Hopefully, that’s the part of this scene that came in the clearest; Amber isn’t signing up because she wants to see an alien planet and be part of a new interstellar future for all mankind, she’s going because they’ll pay her and she’s got nowhere else to go.

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