Hump Day Hook 8/28

If you’re looking for my Hot Heroes post for HD Thomson’s blog hop, you can find it here!

In the hopes that HDH’s linky list will open sometime before Wednesday, I’m going to go ahead and write this.

Hump Day Hook is a weekly blog hop where writers are invited to hook readers with just a few paragraphs from a work in progress or published work. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love!


“Without moving,” agreed the abbot, tapping the back of one hand broodingly with his fingertips. “A plains-fire would move in this wind.”

“And swiftly die in this rain,” added Meoraq. His clothing was now plastered unpleasantly to his scales. “And no plains-fire would ever burn so tall.”

“Yet still it burns. And beckons.”

Meoraq grunted.

“It is a true sign of Sheul, then.”

“So it would seem.”

The Last Hour of Gann_ARE


18 responses to “Hump Day Hook 8/28

  1. I had to go back and re-read the last couple of sneak peaks to put this in context. Sheul is mentioned quite a bit so I am guessing that they are a spiritual people/group? I wonder again what they will think of aliens crashing on their planet? I need more!! Please give me another entry.

  2. I found Olivia had a very spiritual theme as well. What role did religion play in your upbringing? May I have an entry please? Thank you.

    • My parents are very religious church-going people. My father is the church organist in fact, and my mother taught the Sunday School class for 8-10 year old girls when I was very young. They both encouraged us to make our own decisions regarding church and at 16, I chose to stop going. Many people mistake that for me being an atheist. *shrug* I’m not here to change other people’s minds about God, about church, or about me. I try to live right and be kind, and I write horror porn. Not sure what that makes me, but I guess I’ll find out. My personal relationship with the Great Whomever is very present in my day-to-day life and I feel that we are both comfortable with one another.

      Religion does have a way of creeping into my books, though. My next project, Pool, includes a race that is entirely ignorant of even the concept of religion or spirituality, which is an interesting viewpoint to try to write from. The next book, The Bull of Minos, will be a retelling of the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, and you can’t really get away from gods in that one, except that they’re all so petty and vindictive. I think it’s a good thing to write outside your comfort zone now and then.

      Another entry for CGirl!

  3. Reminds me of the Pillar of Fire in Exodus. I wonder what point Sheul is trying to convey to them…if this is a true sign of Sheul? Your snippets elicit as many questions as answers. I love it! Another entry, please?

    • It’s something of a spoiler, I know, but that pillar of fire is the wreck of the ship that brought Amber and the other doomed colonists to the world of Gann. It’s just that Meoraq can’t help but see it as a sign of Sheul.

  4. Meoraq with his non-chalance is quickly pulling me into that place where I will be his willing captive.

    I was wondering if Taryn and her many adventures was always meant to be a multiple book story or if she grew as you wrote? And since you DO write sequels would there ever be a chance that we will see more of Kane of The Samaritan?

    May I have another entry?

    • I wrote The Lords of Arcadia series because I needed something to do while my little sister/ward was in the hospital. She was profoundly mentally retarded and medically fragile and in the last three years of her life, probably spent half of it in ICU. To keep her from pulling out her IV or other uncomfortable things, I would sit with her and hold her hand, which put my back to the TV, so I would write with my other hand. And let me tell you, writing makes a marvelous escape mechanism. I originally thought it would be two books, but once they were typed up, I quickly realized I’d have to break the first one down into two. So then I thought it would be a trilogy. Except that the third was getting longer and longer and longer, so then it became a…what? Quardrology? In any case, I ended up cutting four huge side-stories from The Army of Mab. If I ever have the time or think there’s any interest, I may rework them into novellas and release them as a fifth companion-piece to the Arcadia series, but as of this time, I have no intention of continuing that series or of writing sequels to any other book. In my head, of course, the stories go on. But on paper, things have to end.

      You are entered!

      • I have oten used that very mechanism and I am grateful to have learned to use it.

        Well then, I will just have to wait patiently for your next tantalizingly terrifying tempter and visit Kane and Samaritan often in re-reads!

  5. Not sure if I am supposed to comment on other responses but…..can I go a step farther and beg pluuuuuuuueeeeeeeeze give us more of Kane and/or Samaritan? They are 2 of the most um……interesting characters I have ever rooted for!

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