Sunday Sneak Peek 9/1

Wow! September is upon me already! It’s going to be a big month, beginning with this blog post and ending on the 30th with surgery that will hopefully correct my most major health problems. I plan to get The Last Hour of Gann out before I leave, since I don’t know how up I’ll be feeling to staggering all the way out to my computer to work on it afterwards. And as you can see by my WIP widget in the sidebar, I’m moving right along on those edits! I plan to take the next book with me and work on it while I’m in the hospital. I do my best work under anathesia.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and that means Sunday Sneak Peek, a weekly blog hop in which writers are challenged to post six paragraphs, no more and no less, from a published work or work in progress and then invite other writers, readers and random bloggers to read, critique and comment. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s Sneak Peek is from The Last Hour of Gann, concluding the scene up on the rooftop, but beginning a new one with Wednesday’s Hump Day Hook. So read, enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know if you want to enter my Gann Giveaway!

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner

“Perhaps.” But now he felt certain it was. Meoraq had trained a lifetime to hear Sheul’s voice and feel His touch. Now he saw His waving arm. It would be a foolish thing to pretend he did not know what it meant.

Or what he had to do.

“I leave for Tothax immediately,” he said. And naturally, it was raining. “I require provisions for the journey.”

“Name them and be met, honored one,” said the abbot mildly. “Shall you take a bed until the morning?”

“No.” Meoraq turned away as the burning arm, its work done, finally slipped behind the horizon and returned the night to uninterrupted black. “Sheul has lit His lamp for me at this hour. I can only trust it is the hour He wishes me to follow. It would seem I have lingered too long already.”

“We shall pray for you,” said the abbot, bowing. The other priests remaining on the rooftop bowed as well. “Go in the sight of Sheul and serve Him well.”

* * *


10 responses to “Sunday Sneak Peek 9/1

  1. Good ending to this section. Luck with surgery. You will return from surgery to read all the WOWs and OMG and FANTASTIC feedback in regards to Gaan. Dream of that while under. May I have an entry please. Thank you.

  2. And off he goes, to what I wonder. Edit looks like it is going well. Good news about the op, hope it helps. Please may I have another entry?

  3. So, Meoraq has heeded the call and begun his journey. As they say, “our future is in front of us.” Good luck with your future, the surgery and your recovery. You will be in our thoughts.

  4. When Sheul waves his arm at you, you best get a move on. Good luck with your operation.. I hope it helps and recovery is quick and easy.

  5. Surely the fire is the crash site of the girls’ ship… But is this even their intended destination?

    Good luck with your surgery and and a swift recovery!

    May I have another entry please?

  6. Good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes well and you have an easy recovery! And possibly write some neat stuff, if you’re up to it or get lots of rest if you aren’t.
    May I have an entry please?

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