Hump Day Hook 9/4

Hump Day Hook is a weekly blog hop where writers are invited to hook readers with just a few paragraphs from a work in progress or published work. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s Hook, like all my snippet-producing posts for the immediate future, is from The Last Hour of Gann, picking up where yesterday’s Sneak Peek left off and continuing with Saturday’s WeWriWa. So read, enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know if you want to enter my Gann Giveaway!


Meoraq descended the stair and beckoned indiscriminately to the crowd of youths and low-born priests still clustered in the upper halls hoping for a glimpse of the miraculous fires. Several came forward at once. He took the first to reach him for his usher, made his few demands to the others, and allowed himself to be led back to the room he had been given for his own upon his first night’s arrival. He did not have many preparations to make, but it was the polite thing to give the temple’s provisioner time to arrange his supplies so that they would be at the temple gate when he did leave. Rushing out at once only to wait around where all could see him would only embarrass Xi’Xheoth and those who lived there. Meoraq knew he was not always as patient as he ought to be, but he tried not to be rude. Sometimes he tried.

The boy bowed in ahead of him and lit the lamp, then waited, his small head pressed to the floor and back stiff with pride at being made usher for so prestigious a guest. Meoraq dismissed him with a silent tap to the shoulder and, knowing that little eyes would be on him and little ears listening, kept his back to the door until he heard it shut and catch.

He was alone.

“Fuck,” said Meoraq, and gave the cupboard where he ought to be sleeping even now a solid kick. He hit the supporting framework rather than the lower door as he’d intended, so that instead of a resounding thump as his boot struck home, he damned near broke a toe. He swore again, limped over to the simple chair provided for his simple needs, and sat.

It was raining. It would be raining. Thirty days he’d passed in Xheoth and it had not rained once in all that time. Thirty days, but now he was leaving and the water poured out of the sky as from a cattleman’s pump.


21 responses to “Hump Day Hook 9/4

    • All you had to do was ask! You are now entered to win a free ecopy of The Last Hour of Gann as soon as I’m done with my last round of edits! You can watch my progress on the WIP bar. I’m clipping right along! Two winners will be drawn out of the old hat the night the book goes live and now one of them could be you!

  1. This piece shows a more considerate side to the H. Allowing his host extra time and trying not to swear in front of the younger members seems thoughtful.
    Why does he sleep in a cupboard? Just him or do they all sleep in cupboards?
    May I please have another entry?

  2. I like that we are getting a little feel for te surroundings and look forward to the journey. Please may I have not her entry. 65% now, wow!

    • Yep, if I weren’t traveling this week, I might have it done by the weekend. As it is, I still plan to have it up before I leave on the 16th. I wrote the sales blurb last night. I can say without exaggeration it is the most blurbtastic blurb I’ve ever written, full of adjectives and shameless self-promotion. Someone once asked me what the hardest part of writing is. I don’t think he believed me when I said it was writing the blurbs.

      And yes, you have another entry!

  3. Why does Meoraq not like rain? 65% – whoo hoo – you are on a roll and end of Sep is a strong possibility. May I have an entry please. Thank you.

    • Who the heck likes hiking for days in the rain? I had a paper route once and walking one lousy hour in a grey Seattle rain was miserable enough…and I had a walkman to keep me company!

      You are entered!

  4. I loved that we got to see more of Meoraq’s personality with this snippet. I agree with one of the other respodants. Meoraq does seem to be thoughtful of others. I wonder how he will be with Amber??? At 65% it seems we will find out soon!!! May I have another entry, please.

  5. AHHHH! Your response that we might not think he is such a nice guy by the end of this scene is the worst teaser yet! Now I will wonder what you meant all day.
    If you are at 65% now will the book be available to us average joes by the end of the month?

    • I’m leaving to have my bucket vacation on the 16th of this month, with surgery on the 30th, so the plan is to have the book up by the 15th at the latest (although it may take longer for the book to appear after submission on Smashwords, Kobo and the Apple store. They are jerks).

  6. “but he tried not to be rude. Sometimes he tried.”

    Ok, so I love that bit. It made me laugh.

    May I have an entry please?
    Also you mentioned that you’ll be submitting this one to Smashwords and Kobo, are you going to be selling with both of them now? I’ve never been able to find your books on either site, so I’m pleased. Are you going add the rest of your titles eventually? I like knowing where I can recommend buying the books of authors I like.

    • I had this whole big reply and then I put my mobile down to get a drink and then forgot where I put it and sat on it, opening my FB slot game (and doing quite well) in the middle of my comment. Needless to say, the comment’s integrity suffered.

      Okay, to answer your question, I recently joined forces with an indie publisher who assures me my books, all of them, were submitted to Nook, Smashwords, Kobo and Apple two weeks ago, BUT it could still be six weeks before they show up, thanks to their Puritan attitude toward erotica. If they decide my stuff is too smutty (and I have interspecies sex in every one) I may be consigned to adult filter hell, unavailable to browsers unless they have my URL for each book.

      This is why I prefer to work with Amazon Kindle. Any idiot can publish there.

      And yes, you may have another entry!

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