Hump Day Hook 9/11

Hump Day Hook is a weekly blog hop where writers are invited to hook readers with just a few paragraphs from a work in progress or published work. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s Hook comes yet again from The Last Hour of Gann, continuing Sunday’s Sneak Peek and continuing on Saturday’s Weekend Writer Warrior! Feel free to catch up with some back-posts and if you like what you read, why not enter my Gann Giveaway? As soon as the book is ready for publication, I will draw two names from the old hat and send them a free ecopy of the book! Just remember that, like all my books, it contains graphic violence and strong sexual content, so you must tell me each and every time you enter! Thanks for reading and enjoy the hop!


She retreated one step, but only one. Her hands clasped, trembling, at one another. “Have I offended you, sir?”

She had not. Nor had she gone to any great effort to please him. Indeed, she had done little to make any impression on him whatsoever. She hadn’t even told him her name.

Nor should she, in all honesty. She was not a friend to him, only one of the many women who came to the temple after being turned away by their husbands for want of children. They haunted the halls of the temples in every city, veiled shadows in the shape of women, offering themselves in solemn rituals in the hopes that Sheul’s sons would heal their wombs. She did not come to him for pleasure and he should not expect to find any in taking her.

She was neither young nor beautiful, but Meoraq had been compelled to have her all the same when he had passed her in the hall, returning from his first judgment in this city. As Sheulek, he had the right to any woman he was given to desire, but it was this one who lit the spark in him that night and every other night that she came to him. The marks of many Sheulek before him scarred her from neck to mid-arm, but she had not burned for Meoraq and his own did not stand among them.

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24 responses to “Hump Day Hook 9/11

  1. Another great snippet. I have never followed a book in this way before and although sometimes frustrating because I want to read on, I am really enjoying the build up and already feel like I know some of the characters.
    Please may I have another entry? Thank you.

    • You won’t have much longer to wait! I’m back home and plugging away at the last stretch of those edits! Since all the snippets are scheduled to post while I’m away and recovering, the sneak peeks will continue until the end of Meoraq’s first chapter (all the way into October!), but I hope to have the book up by Saturday. Yes, this Saturday!

  2. Whoa! That last sentence brings to mind many thoughts and questions. I guess a fiery passion leaves scars on the outside as well as on the inside among this race. May I have a entry?

  3. “The many marks of Sheulek”?!? Our first hint of unusual alien sex. I loved Cottonwood and spent the better part of the book wondering how in the world you were going to pull off sexual intimacy between the H and h. While it took a litle imagination to puzzle out the logistics, I think their first love scene was incredible!!! (The other love scenes were great too). I look forward to more of these scenes in this book. May I please have another?

  4. Saturday – yay !!! You mentioned that your were traveling. It was a bucket destination? May I be so bold as to enquire where? How was it? And, may I have an entry please. Thank you.

    • Actually, this last week’s travels was a research visit to some caves and old mining museums, researching some stuff for the next book. Also, we stopped in at the Glore Psychiactric Museum in Missouri, which was part research and part fun. Supposedly, it’s haunted. I saw no ghosts either in person or on film, but my fully-charged digital camera went completely wonky down in the morgue, trying to auto-focus on something that wasn’t there and then the battery died. When I got back to the hotel room, the ‘dead’ battery magically returned to fully-charged life. (insert eerie music)

      However, on Sunday morning, I am leaving for the real bucket vacation. We are going to see some more caves and mining museums, see the dinosaurs in Vernal, Utah, (used to go there every summer when I was a kid), see the Grand Canyon, go to Seaworld and the Winchester House in San Diego, see some of Texas, and then come home and go under the knife.

      You may note that I have finished my edits as of 1 am on Thursday. All I need to do now is get the sneak peek of Pool (the book is only just barely started, so a lot could change from that sneak peek when the book is done) ready and it’ll be good to go. Might even be done Friday. I’ll make a post when it happens, to let my lucky Gann Giveaway winners know their copies are on the way (if they want Kindle copies, that is).

  5. Wow, your trips sound fun! If we are not one of the lucky winners will we be able to purchase the book from Amazon this weekend? Can you give us a general idea about your next book? I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy and uneventful recovery!!!

    • There will be a sneak peek of the next book at the end of The Last Hour of Gann. All I can tell you now is that it’s about a girl and her friends, a long abandoned mine with a dark history, and things that crawl in through the windows at night. There will be snippets as the book progresses.

  6. “…and his own did not stand among them.” His own???

    If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with? 🙂

    Another entry, for the win, please?

  7. Winchester mystery house was cool.. Enjoy your trip. If you ever get to western NY, my town has a lighthouse that’s haunted by a ghost named Charlie. My daughter’s friend saw and videoed him. While she was using her phone to record herself giving a tour to send to her grandma, ( she and my daughter were tour guides) she inadvertently caught Charlie. I don’t think I believe in ghosts, but I saw that recording, and there was something/someone. Even talking about it now raises the hair on my body.

  8. I live these little snippets, I almost feel guilty for reading these before I read the book, but I can’t stop ! Awesome work , I see the book is at 100% ! *excited jumping* , oh and I would like to be entered for the giveaway please !

  9. 100%! Way to go! Thank you so much for providing these snippets for us. I have thoroughly enjoyed them as well as the comments from the other readers. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and a successful surgery.

    • Thank you! I have enjoyed all the feedback and especially the well-wishes from my readers. I have pre-scheduled all my snippets for the next month, so even while I’m away, the posts will continue! And even though the Gann Giveaway is over (winners will be drawn tonight and posted tomorrow!), I’ll continue posting Meoraq’s chapter until it ends.

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