Weekend Writer Warrior 9/14

The Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop is a weekly event in which writers are invited to share eight sentences from one of their works for other writers, readers and random bloggers to read, critique and comment on. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love!


The Great Gann Giveaway is over! Congratulations to my lucky winners, Mary (who won the Sizzling Summer Giveaway waaaaay back in July), Lisa Jo (who won the First Fan To Write to My Email Address prize), Dawna (who won the first of two Gann Giveaway prizes) and Rue (whose name was the last to go into the hat and the first to come out of it)! By the way, Rue, honey, I don’t seem to have your email address anywhere and I need it to send you the book. The book is up on Amazon and has been submitted to Barnes and Noble, so it should pop up there pretty soon. My publisher has begun the thankless task of submitting all my books, Gann included, to Kobo, so we should see it there in the next few weeks. Plans are in the works to submit it to ARE as well, but Apple’s draconian attitude toward erotica may mean I never show up there at all. Like Steve Jobs never looked at porn. Anyway, even though the Giveaway is over, the snippets will continue until Meoraq’s chapter ends, after which, I guess my snippets will have to come from wherever I’m at in Pool Be warned, I do not write chronologically.

I leave tonight for the Bucket Vacation which will terminate (hmmm, bad choice of words) in my surgery, so I will be away for the next three to four weeks. My posts are all pre-scheduled, so the snippets should continue, I just may not be as prompt in responding to comments. Nevertheless, I will be checking in as often as I can, so thanks for reading and enjoy the hop!

The Last Hour of Gann_ARE

He had not decided yet how this made him feel. His masculine pride was, in truth, somewhat insulted, although he knew it was Sheul who had the ultimate judgment over each mortal coupling and therefore His will that she not conceive of him, but only receive Meoraq’s fires. If that was enough to heal her barren womb, so be it; if not, well, Meoraq didn’t particularly want her haunting the halls at House Uyane anyway. Sheul had blessed him at each coupling, sometimes twice, but the sex itself had been as unpleasant as sex could be. Her way of bending silent and motionless beneath him disturbed him. He had given her permission to move, to speak, even to struggle, but she did nothing except to whisper her prayers and drift away when it was over.

Now she seemed dismayed at his leaving, as if it were some failing of hers that drove him out from the city in the dark hours of night—that if she had been more winsome, or if her worn flesh had just been fresher, he might stay and give her the children Sheul had thus far denied her. That she had displeased him, shamed herself, failed God.


23 responses to “Weekend Writer Warrior 9/14

  1. Argh! Doesn’t show available yet. I keep refreshing and hoping. Amazon still says unavailable. 😦

    Also, do you write under any other names in any other genres? I’d love to read anything you’ve written. 🙂

  2. …had given her permission?!!! Mmmm? I am imagining Meoraq’s reaction to a certain strong-minded Earth woman who doesn’t seem to ask for or desire permission for anything. Off to Amazon for the rest of the story! Congratulations to all of the winners! I am so jealous!

  3. RL, Thank you! I’m ready for the next trip! Safe journey to you & yours & sending light for speedy recovery from surgery (although we’ll chat later for sure).

    Peace OUT!
    LJ 😉

  4. I’m am having the same experience as JMyles. It shows as available, but no pricing and can’t download. Arrrrgggg. May have something to do that I’m Canadian visiting a US site. 🙂 Have a safe trip/journey and may you find rich material for another FAB book.

    • Thank you. This book is taking longer to come up than all my others did. Behold the dangers of making assumptions based on prior experience. I guess I should have waited. I put in a request to Amazon Kindle’s customer service, but realistically, by the time they get back to me, the book will be up.

  5. “This title is not currently available for purchase” is what it says on Amazon. I even tried to purchase on the UK site, like Pat suggested, but it’s “not available for US customers”. Should I change my country in the settings?:) I hope it’s up soon!

    • Gah. I know. I posted the “Hey, it’s up!” message last night after the title appeared, reasoning that, as with all my other books, the price/buy button would be up by the morning, when this blog entry posted, but it didn’t. Give it time, I guess. It’ll come along.

  6. Whoops, I missed this post yesterday. And now I get an awesome surprise. Yay, so happy!! 😀
    Is the email that I use to post a comment not visible to you? I just assumed it would be, sorry. Do you just want me to give it here in a comment? Or is there a better way to get that to you, that I have totally missed figuring out?

    • I found it by going all the way back to the Sizzling Summer posts. For some reason, your email wasn’t showing up on your avatar. Anyway, until Amazon gets it together, it’s kind of a moot point. Their people got back to me today, only to say they needed 24 hours to investigate the issue. So…who knows?

      • Weird, I wonder why it wouldn’t show. Sorry to be more trouble for you. I don’t think I’ve done anything different with the more recent comments. Maybe I’ve just become extra sneaky and didn’t even know it.
        I hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

      • Yeah, all I can say is that I submitted it. I have only been on Nook one month, so I’m less confident about what a normal submission delay is for them. My other books came up after three days, but their fine print says it can take weeks. I don’t know…maybe September is a big publishing month?

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