Weekend Writer Warrior 10/12

The Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop is a weekly event in which writers are invited to share eight sentences from one of their works for other writers, readers and random bloggers to read, critique and comment on. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s 8 comes from Pool (working title and subject to change), which is still in the early, early stages, so don’t even ask when it’s coming out. 🙂


Norah said nothing, but her heart was pounding. Anything could be in that hotel. “We haven’t sent anyone up in person,” the lawyer had said, “but we took some satellite images to verify the property does exist. Mr. Hodel indicated he hadn’t made the trip himself, but his father may have. Or may not have. For all anyone knows, the property might not have been touched since your great-great grandfather left it.” And he’d looked at her, almost smiling in the way of professional people who think they’re giving good news. “For all anyone knows, the mine could still be there, all ready to go again.”

* * *

Yes, boys and girls, I’m getting back to my B-Movie horror roots with a good old-fashioned “isolated young people terrorized by monsters” book, with kind of a fun twist since the book reads the same way from the monster’s point of view, too! Norah and her friends are soon to be stranded in the Kuluzo Mountains, right at the end of the road in Alaska. There will be action and adventure and blood and guts and quite possibly the strangest romance I’ve ever written (spoiler alert: it’s very one-sided). I’m still in the fun stage of early writing, so it could be a year or more before you see it. In the meantime, please enjoy these intermittent snippets from wherever I happen to be writing that week!



26 responses to “Weekend Writer Warrior 10/12

    • I read it! “Problematic gender issues…” Now I am drowning my frustrations in chocolate LIKE A STEREOTYPE!!!!!

      …I know better than to read reviews, I know better, I know better, I know.

      • It’s an A review. I’m sorry it sounded bad to you. (Probably like having your child criticized by someone who doesn’t love him.). I was excited about it because its damn hard to get an A on Dear Author. Sorry.

      • Oh, I was very pleased with the review. Some of the comments were hard to take constructively, that’s all. Pretty sure I was called a racist because Amber had blonde hair. So…there was that. I just have to keep reminding myself that my books aren’t for everyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can’t afford to have an ego and put your work out for the public to comment on. Especially when I do write some hardcore stuff and I know it.

      • You mentioned some time ago that your father was/has written a book. Any further news on that? Thank you.

      • He’s not ready to have it published yet, but we’re leaning on him. When he gets his nerve up, I’ll probably run a few snippets here. It’s a Tolkeinesque (in my opinion) fantasy type: alternate world, castles, magic, epic journey, love, loss, life, death and a great big evil Worm. I liked it a lot and I’m not just saying that because he’s my dad.

  1. I agree that an A rating from Dear Author is extremely difficult to obtain. I went online to read the commentary. Lots of discussion re the ‘rape’ scenes in your writing. But this is YOUR writing and you have never made any apologies for it (which I admire). Overall I take away from the discussion is the admiration everyone has for your writing. And, rightfully so. I hope that this discussion will generate more interst in your books. You are my favourite author and deserve more attention! Forge ahead and keep teasing us with snippets from Pool. A RL Smith version of romance is what we are all waiting for.

  2. Congratulations on the interest shown for the The Last Hour of Gann. Now, maybe others will come to realize what we have known for years, that you are an incredibly talented author who can weave a story like few others. I look forward to your snippets /and the final story of Pool. As for it not being a romance…well…we all should read outside our comfort zone occasionally. How else will we discover that we like other genres? Heat…the first book I read of yours… was so far removed from what I usually read. By taking that chance I discovered a favorite author and great stories. I am sure I will relish reading whatever you choose to offer us.

    • Thanks for the encouragment. I need that. One thing I’ve learned in my extremely few years of writing is that you can’t please everyone…but God help you when you don’t. I honestly thought I was writing horror/sci-fi with a bit of the sexy thrown in until my books started popping up on romance sites. That was a hell of a shock. I don’t read romances. I don’t know how they’re supposed to be written. I’m making it up as I go along, so to speak, and it makes me a little nervous–okay, a LOT nervous–to write something that is flat-out NOT in my readers’ genre. But I honestly don’t think I could not write it. After a certain point, stories just take over whether you want them to or not. It’s a lot like being possessed, I’d imagine, only with less pea soup puke, and the only way to exorcise yourself is by writing it all down.

      After Pool will be The Bull of Minos, though, so if people want to just skip Pool and wait for that one, they can do that.

      • Skip and R. Lee book?! The hell you say! For those of us who re-read your stories to get our fix in before the next book comes out that idea is horrifying! (shudder)

  3. Wow, those are some very wordy opinions/reviews on Dear Author. Not sure I would agree with some of their points other than this is a great book, read it and make your own mind up.

  4. First of all, congratulations on the A review from Dear Author for Last Hour of Gann – WOOT! Hard to get that rating from her, but well deserved in your case. I was very happy for you! Today’s snippet was interesting, very B-movie as you say, which I happen to love.

    • Caramel-dipped apples and pineapple smoothies…Snuggly warm blankets and bad monster movies…dressing in costume to watch Lord of the Rings…These are a few of my favorite things….

  5. I read and loved The Last Hour of Gann! So many themes, so many ideas to consider. I have recommended this book and will probably re-read it. Can you speak to your inspiration for writing it’ and how long it took to complete it?

    • As I said in the intro to Cottonwood, the ideas for The Last Hour of Gann and Cottonwood both came together at a time when I was very, very sick and unable to leave my bed for almost a month. I had been watching a bunch of bad sci-fi movies (my favorite pasttime) and it struck me, as it so often does, how badly humans are portrayed in those sorts of movies when you stop to think about it. We are almost always the invaders and yet, we barge in and start colonizing and blasting away the natives because they look like bugs or slime monsters or whatever. The most recent example of this is After Earth…I mean, clearly the Earth has recovered, why the hell aren’t we going home instead of continuing to colonize an already inhabited planet. Plus, on the day the ideas for the books came to me, I watched Predators, which is mostly pretty good but has so many holes in reality that it’s amazing another universe didn’t pour through and coelesce in my bedroom. I mean, really. Totally alien technology and yet he’s going to fly the ship away? And navigate it through deep space? All the way back to Earth???

      So I decided to write a book in which humans crash on an alien planet and are met with a huge dose of reality in that they are completely unprepared and not the highest form of life and get their colonizing asses handed to them. It was intended as a sister-story to Cottonwood, which is my version of the aliens-come-to-Earth trope, except that they aren’t invading or at all hostile, just colonists who crash-land and get their colonizing asses handed to them. Believe me, that was a very original thought at the time. Six weeks later, District Nine came out. I still haven’t gotten over that.

      It takes about a year to write a book for me, which is to say, a few months to write it, a few weeks to edit, a few months to leave it alone, a few more weeks to edit, a few more months to leave it alone, a few more weeks to run it past my betas and then the final round of edits. A year, more or less.

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