Sneak Peek Sunday 10/13

Sneak Peek Sunday is a weekly blog hop in which writers are challenged to post six paragraphs, no more and no less, from a published work or work in progress and then invite other writers, readers and random bloggers to read, critique and comment. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s Sneak Peek is from Pool (working title and subject to change), which is a long way from written, but getting closer every day! This snippet, close to the beginning of the book, lays the framework upon which the characters will be developed. I’ll probably keep that up for a while, at least until all the players are introduced and established, but future snippets will come from wherever I happen to be writing that week (and I don’t write linear-style).

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Hayley’s smile turned lopsided and her next teasing glance was mingled with genuine concern. “I gotta admit, I’m surprised you asked him along. Manual labor ain’t exactly John’s thing.”

“I thought it would be romantic,” Norah said, still blushing just as hotly.

“Yeah?” Skeptical. Norah’s continuing virginity had been a long-standing source of amusement and annoyance for her friend ever since she’d lost her own at the erudite age of fifteen. “You better mean it this time. You make the man drive to Alaska and then make him sleep on a couch, he gonna see that as a deal-breaker, I gar-un-tee.”

“I know.”

“Not that that’s any great loss, mind.”

Norah watched the trees for a while, wishing she could say something to that. She didn’t think John was any worse than most available guys out there and he was a prince compared to the ones her mom had dated. God knew Norah wasn’t any prize, so just why Hayley should be so dismissive of him had always been a mystery. Most times she defended him, but long drives had a way of turning disagreements, even familiar ones, into explosions, so instead she said nothing.


4 responses to “Sneak Peek Sunday 10/13

    • I was watching a pretty bad subterranean monster movie with my sister and when the brainy yet incredibly cute girl in the tight tshirt killed a monster with a pickaxe, my sister said, “Poor guy.” It made me think of something I admit I’ve thought before…that the humans broke in and started killing, often completely unprovoked, and the monsters were entirely justified in responding with perhaps a tad more hostility than the situation demanded. Things escalated. Mistakes were made. But no one ever sees it from the monster’s point of view.

      So I started sketching. And once I’d drawn Pool, I realized I knew his whole story. The humans were harder to find. Ironically,the best friends–Hayley and Kyson–came before the heroine and her boyfriend.

      Pool is a fun one to write because I have to immerse myself so deeply in the way Pool thinks in order to write for him that I can either write his scenes or I can write Norah’s. I can’t do both in the same day. My brain has to recalibrate, lol.

  1. Did anyone notice that The Last Hour of Gann is going to be Dear Author’s November book club pick. This is going to generate even more interest!

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