Hump Day Hook 10/30

Hump Day Hook is a weekly blog hop where writers are invited to hook readers with just a few paragraphs from a work in progress or published work. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s hook comes from my newest work-in-progress, Pool. I’m still fairly close to the beginning, when the heroine and her friends have just arrived in the abandoned mining camp she has inherited. She and her boyfriend are sharing a quiet moment…



He leaned a little closer, lowering his voice as though they stood together in a crowded room and not an abandoned hotel at the edge of nowhere, murmuring, “Want to go upstairs and stake out a room with me?”

Norah’s smile froze to her lips. “Together?”

“Sure, why not?”

“With Hayley and Kyson?”

His eyebrows climbed. “Uh, that’s a little more participation than I was planning on, but…”

“They’ll be right in the next room,” Norah said hurriedly. “I’m not sure I’m ready for them to, you know, know. I mean, I know they’ll know, I just don’t want them to…to…”

“Hear,” he said, smiling again. “Gotcha.”

“I have every intention of making love with you this week!” Norah blurted, and felt her cheeks flame at the stilted, fussy way that came out. Every intention…as though it were an item on some written itinerary, sandwiched between cleaning out the fridge and checking the oil in her car. “Spontaneously!” Lord, that was even worse.

John had always been an understanding man. He kissed her again and released her. “Let’s go pick out our own rooms, then,” he suggested. “It’s more fun to sneak in and out of them anyway.”


6 responses to “Hump Day Hook 10/30

  1. Love it! How awkward!

    Unrelated, but inquiring minds want to know… Have you considered audio versions of your books?. I love to read but I also travel in my car a lot so audio books are a must for me. I have no idea what the process is for this media BUT! If you venture that way, and if you have any say as to who narrarates? Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  2. Yeah! Me too on the audiobooks. I’d love to listen to your work while driving the
    25 hours to Florida this Easter. For sure it would keep me awake.

  3. Hhmmnnn… Audio, great idea. 😉 I haven’t done my review yet on Last Hour as the girls & I are thinking about doing a 2nd read! All I can say is “We’re not worthy!” Scared to my bones, oh yes.

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