Author’s Spotlight: Layna Pimentel

Congratulations to Deljah, who won my Hot Autumn Nights Giveaway and received a free copy of Cottonwood! I hope you all enjoyed reading so many talented authors and will come back for the next HD Thomson blog hop: Winter Wonder Man! More details as soon as I get home and find out what they are myself.

Today, I am pleased not only to congratulate Deljah, but to shine the author’s spotlight on Layna Pimentel, who in addition to helping me out on Candy Crush from time to time is a damn fine writer. She has a new title coming out soon and has graciously allowed me to promote it here on my blog. For all of you who enjoy a little leather with your lace, Layna Pimentel is a must-have for your personal bookshelf and her new book, Stay With Me, is a particularly delicious little shiver of a read that explores all the darkest colors of BDSM seduction. Sexy without being sleazy, Layna’s writing paints that razor-fine line between danger and desire and I cannot recommend her enough!

Back of the woman in black leather corset. Isolated on white background

Coming soon to Secret Cravings Publishing…

Master Alex is furious when a friend’s submissive invites a naive stranger to his party. With his reputation on the line, he must keep her out of trouble and away from curious Doms. Observing signs of interest from her, he leads her down the path of wicked temptations. However, when his ex-sub pushes her way back into his life, he tries to find a balance between his discreet life and his public one.

Mercedes is fearful of the world she’s stepped into, but the curiosity of what pleasures lie beyond keep her interested in far more than the play. All is going well until a jealous woman convinces her she’s out of her league. Desperate to regain control over her life and heart, she pushes Alex away.

Will these two manage to find their way to each other, or is their relationship doomed from the moment they meet?

* * *

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.

Layna is a member of the Romance Writers of America, creator of the Romance Author at Large blog, and is a monthly contributor at 69 Shades of Smut. For updates on her upcoming releases, or to leave her a comment, you can find her at:






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