New Year’s Resolution #1 Blog More

Did I really let a whole month go by without blogging? I’m so sorry. I’ll try not to let that happen again, although I must say that after the daily posts of November, I needed a break to just sit and actually work on a book for a change. I think I’m going to stop doing Wednesday’s Hump Day Hook, since the list of participants has shrunk from an average of 30 to only five or six. That leaves me with either counting paragraphs for Sneak Peek Sunday or sentences for Weekend Writer Warriors. It would be nice to find another regular (and active) blog hop out there that posts mid-week so that I get a post in every few days instead of two back-t0-back and silence for the rest of the week. I dunno. I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, look for regular blogging to resume after January 1st. That’s New Year’s Resolution #1.

I hope all my readers out there had a Happy Whatever and now that the holidays are over and the aftershocks are dying down, it’s time to reflect on our aspirations for the new year. Resolutions have always been (for me, anyway) a short-lived dream. I’ve usually broken most of mine by the end of the first month, but I have decided this is the year I finally get my shit together. The latter half of 2013 was almost a total wash, due to one thing or another (the most notable ‘thing’ being my surgery, from which I am mostly recovered, although I still have difficulty sitting for long periods at a time…like at the computer…typing…) and I’ve let that be the reason I’m not further along on Pool than I should be. But I still have hopes of publishing it within the next year, so we’ll call that Resolution #2.

Blah blah blah lose weight blah blah work out blah carbs blah stop eating so much delicious crap blah blah blah no one wants to read another weight loss resolution. And that’s #3.

Resolution #4: Learn another language. I’ve wanted to do this for years, but never got around to it, apart from a year of French in high school (and I’ve forgotten nearly everything but the swears). This year, my sister got me a year’s worth of Rosetta Stone, so all that remains is for me to pick the language. I’m going with Greek. It’ll come in handy when I write my next book and it’s obscure enough here in the Midwest that I can probably swear in public without offending anyone. That’s an important consideration for me.

Finally, stop swearing so much. It would seem this resolution is in direct contradiction to the previous one, but at least if I’m swearing in other languages, my sister’s macaw isn’t increasing her vocabulary of profanity in this one. She’s become quite the salty little sailor since I moved in with Cris and her husband. I’m not sure yet whether this resolution will bleed over into my books or not, but I have to admit, The Last Hour of Gann was a bit thick with colorful metaphors.

So there we have it. Blog more, publish Pool, lose weight, learn Greek and quit cussing. It’s going to be a full, fun year for me. What’s on your list?




15 responses to “New Year’s Resolution #1 Blog More

  1. Your list has 2 of my resolutions. Lose weight, swear less. But I really want to take a dance class. I’m 50 and I want to learn how to hip hop and do ballet.

  2. I’m going for tone versus weight loss. It makes me believe its more doable. I hope to blog with more consistency and I hope you join Weekend Writing Warriors 🙂 IT’s a great group who post and comment with regularity. Good luck on all your 2014 goals

  3. Thanks for the post Christmas blog. Radio silence after an intensive month of blogging and I was worried if everything was OK. Hope you and your family had a good holiday.

    Weight loss is tricky. After decades of being chubby (aka f.a.t.), I finally decided to do something about it and I lost weight. Went from a size 16 to a size 6. Apparently exercise and diet do work. Sorry, no miracle weight loss drug here. But, maybe you can write a story about one. Cut out white sugar and white carb – seriously that was all I did. Started off with 1 month, no white sugar and kept going. Next month, was no white carbs and for carby girl that was difficult. Stopped 90% of processed foods, no deep fried. Went for the healthy life style diet. Still indulge, especially over the holidays. Hit the gym with a personal trainer and hit my goal in 3 months and within a year, hit the size 6. Almost 2 years later, I’m still exercising and eating in a healthy weight. I took 3 weeks off a while ago and gained a size. 3 freakin weeks. It really is a lifestyle change.

    As for swearing, I indulge by reading it (haha) and believe that if someone doesn’t know that you are swearing (in a different language), then it’s OK. Similar to ‘if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’

    Learning another language would be one of my resolutions, if I made them. I downloaded the Duolingo app months ago and still haven’t opened it. (Heavy sigh), which is why I don’t make resolutions anymore. OK, I lie – I’m saving money this year. No more frivolous purchases of things I will rarely, if ever use. I’ve got enough clothes etc. I’m working to retire in 5 years and this I will put all my focus on. Yes, I’m thinking that if I type the words, then so it will be. (Heavy sigh). The only purchase I will indulge in, is an R.Lee Smith book, so keep writing. I enjoy your blogs very very much, but would rather you spent more time writing. Ha, how is that for self serving.

    Wishing you, your loved ones and all your faithful readers a safe, happy and prosperous 2014.

    • Yeah, eating less is pretty much the “miracle formula” I’m attempting. I got a jump start on the process by cutting out soda a few months back when I got surgery and it has made a difference. Exercise will be tougher to work into my schedule. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. Really?!? Swearing? But I love your inventive and unusual use of curse words. They make me smile every damn time! Sigh…..I will support your resolutions though. I missed your blogs. Swearing or no swearing. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • I never said I was going to stop swearing…just cut down. Like, when I say, “I had to elbowstomp my way through a fuckton of rabid weasels,” I’ll use a metric fuckton as opposed to the standard fuckton. That’s a difference of 216 fucks saved.

  5. Happy New Year! R. Lee. I can’t believe that ‘this’ time is upon us again. Resolutions…don’t have much success in keeping them. However, if I were to make some, they would probably echo some of your other responders. I loved Mag’s resolution on learning to dance and your suggestion about belly dancing, something I have always wanted to do. Plus, it would be killing two birds with one stone, learning a fun, new activity and staying active to stay (or get) healthy. Congrats to CGirl! That is quite an accomplishment and one to be applauded and emulated. We could all use a more healthy lifestyle whether weight loss or just improved health is our goal. Of course, indulgences must be permitted on occasion. What a dull, healthy life without some gastronomical rewards like chocolate or liquor or liquor in chocolate or chips and dip or….ok….must getting a grip here. I could try the decreased swearing one on for size but, dang it, swearing is fun. The older I get the less of a filter I seem to have. I haven’t decided if that is good or bad though. On one hand I would like to thought of as “Sassy” but I also don’t want to known as the “old bitch”. One resolution I might make would to do a better job at keeping my home…dust, dust everywhere and not a duster in sight. Alas, that would seriously cut into my reading time so THAT resolution is out the window before it even begins. Good luck with your resolutions though (especially number 2) and best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

  6. Well, I missed you blogging too but am more than happy to think that you had some time to spend on Pool. Great to see all the comments from your fans and what great resolutions you all have. I think I have had all these resolutions at one time or another, I can speak a little Spanish, a little French and a little German…. Tried the belly dancing once but I’m not very coordinated so not for me, think I’ll stick to hiking and yoga. Never tried to give up with cursing as I don’t like setting goals I will never achieve! Wishing you all a ver happy new year and good luck with all the resolutions.

    • I confess New Year’s Resolutions have always been one of those promises I never intend to keep, but I also have to confess I’ve never given them a fair shake before. We’ll have to see how this year goes, but I’m uncharacteristically optomistic.

  7. Good to see you back, R. Lee! Happy New Year! My main goal this year is to do things to make my life easier and to reduce aggravation. May you achieve all you desire!

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