Sneak Peek Sunday

Sneak Peek Sunday is a weekly blog hop in which writers are challenged to post six paragraphs, no more and no less, from a published work or work in progress and then invite other writers, readers and random bloggers to read, critique and comment. Visit their site by clicking on the button below for a list of other participating writers and share the love! Today’s Sneak Peek is from Pool, continuing the snippet I ran on yesterday’s WeWriWa, wherein Norah and her friends get a little more colorful local history on the mountain and the mine where they are staying.

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            “Is it bears?” Norah asked.

The girl tossed one shoulder in a shrug. “Some of it could be, I guess. We got enough bears around here. But bears didn’t cause what happened at the mine in 1898.”

She paused again to scrutinize Norah’s face while her little sister cringed back and wrung her hands.

“Richard Hodel was a tonrar, an evil man,” she declared, once she was satisfied with Norah’s level of interest and sincerity. “He bought up as much land as he could wrap his claws around. Whatever he couldn’t buy for pennies, he just stole, killing all the Naiaksit who wouldn’t let him run them off their land. When he built the mine on Mount Isaac, people were glad, because they knew it was only a matter of time before the mountain ate him.”

“The mountain—?”

“Ate him,” the younger sister said softly. Her eyes were huge.


3 responses to “Sneak Peek Sunday

  1. I normally don’t like reading snippets … they just make me anticipate the book more. I finished Cottonwood last night and I am a sad panda right now because I don’t have anymore new books of yours to read. 😦
    I can’t wait for you to finish with this story. Every one is different, but similar in that they pull me in in and I forget I need to do things … like eat, shower, or do laundry till I get to the end of it.
    Thank you

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