Interspecies Relations Part Five

More from my Confluence 2003 Short Story Contest Entry!

* * *


Hannah and her mother stared at the alien’s legs.  Eventually, Nix contorted its chitanous body so it could look as well.  At last, and with difficulty, Hannah managed to wrench her eyes away only to clap her hands over them completely.  “Nix!” she wailed.

“Is it…not appealing?”  Nix’s feeler-hands twitched as though longing to wring together.  “Our research has indicated that appearance modifications such as these heightens sexual attraction among humans.”

Hannah heard her mother make a sound never before heard in nature.

A quiver ran along Nix’s antenna.  The Tharku scratched nervously at the stockings with its foreclaws.  “We Tharkan believe a strong sexual relationship is an important foundation to a lasting marriage.”

Hannah’s mother made the sound again.

Nix tried once more.  “I wish to begin this marriage with a pleasurable sexual exchange, yes?  It is the…moon of much honey?” Nix clicked uncertainly in Hannah’s direction.  “I presumed that to be a euphemism, yes?  Much honey?”

“Much honey,” Hannah moaned into her hands. “You got it, Nix.  All the honey.  God.”

“Yes.”  Reassured, Nix approached Mrs. Fuller with cautious bobbing and extended a feeler-hand.  “Perhaps you will wish to witness?  Yes?  No?”

Hannah’s mother said, “…” and pronounced it perfectly.


8 responses to “Interspecies Relations Part Five

    • I know. It really is short this week. But I wanted to get one more post out of it. Besides, if I hadn’t cut it, the last snippet would have been noticeably longer than the others. The whole story together is less than 3000 words.

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