The Nominations are In!

Yesterday, I was notified that The Last Hour of Gann was a finalist in the DABWAHA Tournament! Behold!

Dear R. Lee,

Congratulations on being nominated for the DABWAHA, the tournament of romance novels run by The TBR LLC, Dear Author and Smart Bitches. We’re kicking off our tournament on March 23, when readers and authors can make their bracket selections, but the announced categories are available at Currently, Last Hour of Gann has been nominated in the Paranormal/Scifi/Fantasy bracket.

Let the fine tradition of trash talking begin. Congratulations again!

Best of luck, Amanda

Yay for me! What does that mean, you ask? Don’t be embarassed, I had to ask too. DABWAHA stands for Dear Author Bitchery Writer Award for Hellagood Authors and every year, they nominate some books and run them in a kind of Month-that-rhymes-with-Larch Madness tournament. There’s still time for readers to nominate the People’s Choice Pick in each category, by the way, so click here to get in on that if you’ve read a really good book last year.

Anyhoo, The Last Hour of Gann was nominated in the category of Fantasy/Paranormal/Science Fiction and as a self-pub with no marketing skills, I could use all the help I can get. So if you liked my book better than the others on the list, please pay attention to the tournament schedule and remember to vote as often as they’ll let you. Get your friends to vote. Shave your beard, change your name and vote again. Let’s Tamminy up the joint, but please, no trash talking. Some fine traditions deserve to die out.




8 responses to “The Nominations are In!

  1. I feel absolutely foolish asking this but….how do I vote? is it too late? I loved this book and would vote for it repeatedly if possible!

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