Okay, for real this time…Remember to Vote!

So, when I last posted, I did not know they were spreading out the first round of the tournament into sets, so I told everyone to vote when they literally couldn’t.


But now you can! Today only, from noon to midnight, you can vote for The Last Hour of Gann. Just go to dabwaha.com or click the dabwaha button in the sidebar to the right and vote! If I win this round, there will be other rounds, so consider this a practice run. Remember THIS is the vote that counts, so even if you think you already voted, if you didn’t do it today, March 21, between noon and midnight, it won’t be counted toward THIS ROUND.


Last I checked, I was 47% to Hero’s 53%, but it’s early yet. If I win this round, I will host a giveaway on my blog for a signed copy of my new book, The Land of the Beautiful Dead (coming soon!). If I don’t win…well, I guess I’ll lie in bed all day, watching MST3K and eating Girl Scout Cookies, just like I did when Heat failed to win me an award. I mean, I’ll live, but I’d sure be happier with a win. So be sure to vote and tell all your friends!


5 responses to “Okay, for real this time…Remember to Vote!

  1. I already voted … at like 12:30 pm. I also was annoying on twitter–being anti social sorta sucks for times like this!

    Err, the cookies & MSTK marathon sounds fun anyway. (Except I like samoas better–though I think they have a new PC name now) I would have to have someone describe to me every once in a while what is going on since I haven’t watched it since I lost my sight. My mom caught on to my questionable taste in tv when I talked her into describing Family Guy to me years ago. My mom is … very churchy … if that is a word.

  2. I wish I checked here more often. I definitely would have voted multiple times. I loved that story. I am now making it my daily routine to look here!!!

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