Tis the Season For Procrastination

And a Happy New Year!

And a Happy New Year!

A real post is coming soon (after more than two months of total radio silence! What is WRONG with me???), but I just wanted to break from all the family stuff going on here at Casa Smith and wish my readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Winter Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, Festive Festivus, and to all my atheist friends, have a nice day!


47 responses to “Tis the Season For Procrastination

  1. Festivus! Now for the feats of strength , being patient for your next book 🙂 hope you’ve enjoyed your ’14 and have a great start to ’15!

  2. Hola! Just checking in to let you know your fan base just expanded by about 15 of my girlfriends and two dudes from the Michigan Adventurers Club I’m a member of. We got stuck in on our cabin on my trip last week and you can only cross country ski for so long ( and far) in ice and sleet. After playing cards, board games and martini drinking games , some of us curled up for a read. Soon over half of them were complaining how they are tired of the same blaise ( I think that’s how it’s spelled?) books that have TSTL protagonists and overused storylines so I told them to buy Gann & Cottonwood. A few listened and that few turned into over a dozen and now they want more! ( my one friend just got halfway through Scholmanance ( again sorry I spell like a 5 yr old) , and said the funniest thing about you
    ” ok this author has a really really awesome imagination and needs to hang out with us immediately, plus I think if any wacked out disaster or Aliens happen, she’d be a total badass to have around , saving us from monsters and shit”. HEHE!

    So just had to share your new fandom that also includes my husband now although his one caveat is ” I could do without the rapey stuff and lizard sex ” so I told him to just skip that and he really enjoyed it after doing so saying (very pretentiously) ” if she lost the romancey sexy times stuff she could be the next Urseula Le Guin . To which I replied with ” if Urseula Le Guin added some more romancey sexy times stuff she could be the next R Lee Smith”. He then gave me “Man Eyes” ….
    ( man eyes = the look men give women when they can’t think of a good comeback) .

    Anyways, looking Soooooo Forward to LOTBD! No rush …. But hurry! 🙂


  3. I am addicted to your books. Read them all (a few of them more than once…) and going through some serious withdrawal. Those tortured whispers you hear at night emanate from my muscles contorting in painful spams as I wait for your next masterpiece (no pressure). So yeah, I have no shame 😦

    But self-pity aside, you truly are a fantastic writer. I have devoured your books and can’t wait for whatever you come up with next.



  4. Hi R. Lee!! I hope we get a break in the radio silence soon, but I understand you have a lot going on. By any chance are there any updates as to when Pool will come out?

    • Once Land of the Beautiful Dead is released, I will be back on top of Pool.

      Actually, I may take a month or two off in between. When I work on books back to back, the characters tend to blur together. But Pool is mostly done already and it should take too…did you just feel an ominous chill?

  5. I am looking forward to LotBD so much that I check this site daily for updates. Sadly, it has been over three months since your last update. I hope everything is okay with you and your family. Hopefully, you are fine and we will hear from you soon.


    • And then three more months before I saw this comment. (le sigh) I am so sorry. I swear I wasn’t ignoring anyone deliberately and with malice, but some things had to be cut from my life while I dealt with other things and this blog was one of them. I will be updating regularly again soon, even if it’s just to post pictures of my cat, I swear.

  6. I think I am somewhere near the 12th re-read of the Last Hour of Gann. It is literally the echelon of my favorites because I love the Amber x Meoraq dynamic so much, their banter, the build of both the environment and their relationship, and the way you so intimately weave a reader into the world with such vivid description of a character’s behavior.

    It’s all I can do to stave off the want/need/craving for the Land of the Beautiful Dead, but since it’s my favorite book, it can’t truly be considered a hardship. I’m simply an avid fan who wishes she could support you further to continue to generate even more engrossing tales.

    Fervently looking forward to your release, be it now, or in twelve months.


  7. I have just finished re-reading Lords of Arcadia (all4books ) for the 5th time. I love the series and I hope you continue it in one form or another. I’d love to read about Lugh and Aisling’s future. All the kraals, Taryn and Aedon, Rhiannon and Arion. The sluagh and wolves. The stories were so intriguing and wonderfully written. I felt every characters emotions. I cried, laughed into tears, smiled, you name it, I felt it. Thank you and I do hope it continues

    • There was always a plan for a fifth book, tentatively titled Seasons of Change, which would comprise of four novellas whose storylines had to be culled from the original series for length-reasons. Just when I’ll get to them is anyone’s guess, but it’s still pinned to the board, so there’s hope.

  8. I hope R. Lee is ok! This is unlike her to be gone this long , almost five months!!! Does anyone have her email or a way to find out if she’s just going through a rough time or something worse :((( ???

    • Ha, glad to know I’m not the only person secretly worrying that something terrible has happened to my fave indie author…

      • I know, it’s weird, right? All these people who think I’m dead…I feel really bad for making people worry, but on the other hand, this is probably the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like a celebrity.

    • She’s on Facebook. You can friend her. She’s on there, liking and commenting. Don’t know what’s going on. First time since I started reading her books that she hasn’t released a book in a year. 😦

      • And believe me, my betas remind me of that fact every single time I speak to them. And yes, I am on Facebook. If you friend me, I hope you play Farmville2

  9. R. Lee, are you okay? If you are in the middle of a writing frenzy, I don’t want to interrupt, but I just got so spoiled when you started blogging more regularly that I’m feeling worried about you!

    • All is, if not well, at least improving. I am back and working my way slowly but surely through six months–I’ve got to say that again. SIX MONTHS!!–of unanswered comments. I am really, very sorry about that, but some things had to stop and that was just one of many. But I’m back now. I’ll try not to scare you all again.

  10. Me too. I’m checking every few days or so for an update. I know she’s alluded to health problems in the past, so I really hope she’s okay.

    • Yeah, there were some of those, and I had to pretty much stop everything or, you know, I’d stop…everything. Anyhoo, I’m back now and working on the book.

  11. Hehe , well I think I might be worried in a crazy stalker way , cause I check this at least once a week. Seriously, though I do care about the new book coming out but ,I’m more worried about R Lee!

    Like is she going through something that needs a fruit basket sent to cheer her up?….. , or did some other crazy-stalker-person freak her out and she’s in hiding?……, or is she just busy with life rolling her eyes when she reads these eventually thinking ” these fans need to get a grip!” ? I hope it’s either busy with life….. or fruit basket cause I freaking love sending fruit baskets.

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