Serial Saturday

Sheesh, how is it Saturday already? And why do I always leave these things until the last minute?

Anyway, it’s Saturday and that means a new chapter of my FNAFiction, Everything Is All Right, Part One: Girl on the Edge of Nowhere, has gone up at and, so if you’re reading along, please check them out! Last week’s chapter ended on something of a cliffhanger, but this week, Ana finally gets up close and (extremely) personal with the animatronics…

Everything Is Alright Part 1 (1)

The thing stopped moving at the sound of the name. Its head rocked back a little, as if surprised. When Ana moved toward him, it took half a step back.

“Oh,” she breathed. “Oh Bonnie…what happened?”

She never remembered running to him. She was just magically there, reaching up to touch the jagged edges at the side of his faceless head and explore the damage in a helpless, sorrowing way while he stood there, mechanical parts clicking and humming. His eyes were gone and only one of the cameras that fed him visual information was still in its socket. Tugging her wet sleeve over her hand, she cleaned his lens, then swabbed out the empty socket beside it and peered at the plug.

“BONNIE,” said Freddy from down the hall. His eyes were still flashing, although the music had stopped.

Bonnie raised a hand in a strange, unfinished gesture that started out looking like he meant to grab her and ended up showing Freddy a Give me a minute air-pat as Ana picked through the bent and broken pieces that had collected in the bottom of his head. That weird other-vision she had, the one that let her see how things fit together, mentally straightened, restored and reassembled the wreckage, but only up to a point. Too many pieces were broken, too many lost, to give him back the face she remembered.

There! The other camera, slipped from his broken eye-socket and buried in the rubble. She pried it out, wiped it off, and plugged it in. It whined to life while she was still looking for a wire to connect it to the main optical base and the dilated lens contracted to mirror the size of its mate. The red lights inside the cameras blinked off and came back white, giving him a brighter stare, but only a slightly less demonic one. The bits of metal that had survived the destruction of his eye-caps twitched and flopped as he tried to blink eyelids that weren’t there. He raised his hand again, holding it up before his ‘face’, lenses whirring as he waggled his fingers, then looked at her.

“BONNIE,” Freddy said again.

“I’M OKAY, FREDDY,” Bonnie replied, lowering his arm. Something inside him clicked several times. “HI.”

“Hi,” said Ana.


7 responses to “Serial Saturday

  1. R Lee, Will “Everything is All Right” will it be available for download in its entirety after you have completed the weekly posts? I sure hope so.

    • Yep. As soon as the last chapter runs, Girl on the Edge of Nowhere will go up on Wattpad as one book, and as soon as all five parts are complete, I will put the whole thing as Everything Is All Right up.

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