Serial Saturday Update

So here we are again, the weekend! And that means it’s time for another chapter of my FNAFiction, Everything Is All Right, Part One: Girl on the Edge of Nowhere! If you’re reading along, the new chapter is up on (edit: I have fixed the hyperlink here, so it will actually take you where it says it’ll take you and not just open this page again. Sorry about that and thanks so much for bringing it to my attention) and, and if you’re not reading along, perhaps I can entice you with this sneak peek…

Everything Is Alright Part 1 (1)

Ana had always been a heavy sleeper, even when pot wasn’t involved, let alone little pink pills. When she closed her eyes on Freddy in the night, she did not open them again until morning, which she knew because she could see. Just enough sunlight found a way through the boarded-up foyer and past the barricade at the cashier’s station to show her the entire dining room, all the rot and ruin, everything broken, everything decayed, right up to the three animatronics on stage.

On stage?

Ana pushed herself up on her elbow, garbage bags crinkling beneath her as she shifted, and leaned out from under the table just like that slight change of angle would somehow alter the view. But no, there they were. Bonnie on the left with his cracked, stringless guitar in his hands; Chica on the right, arms up and fingers splayed over empty space where her keyboard ought to be; Freddy in the middle, microphone in hand and raised to his mouth. All three had their eyes closed and their heads tipped forward, as if sleeping on their feet. In the grey, uneven light, with water from the leaking roof dripping down their bodies and dirt showing black in every crease and crack, they looked like they’d been standing there for years.

Had they?

No. The empty stage had been the first thing she’d seen when she broke in. She’d been high, but not that high. They’d been out and about, all three of them, and Bonnie…Bonnie especially.

Had she really kissed him? Probably. Spider and all. She’d been high, but even stone-cold sober as she was this morning, she’d be happy to kiss him again.

But it was eerie, seeing him like this. Motionless. Silent. Like a…well, like an inanimate object.

“Bonnie?” Ana ventured.

No response. Not so much as a twitch.

“Bonnie? My man?”


Ana felt at her pocket and yes, there were a handful of screws. And there, her screwdriver, lying next to her day pack. She had no doubt if she looked in the kitchen, she’d see that big steel spoon on the prep counter where she’d left it after shaping the end of the broken spring she’d used to rig Bonnie’s jaw into place.

And yet, there they were. Wind-up toys no one had wound up, not for years. Looking around the dining room, it was hard to believe that, even as high as she’d apparently been, she ever could have thought they’d still be in any kind of working order.

It was too early to think about it. Groaning, Ana dropped back atop her day pack and shut her eyes. Another hour’s sleep and she’d try again to sort out last night’s events. But for right now, nothing mattered more than—

Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, cuz they are so awesome!”

Ana pried her eyes open and pinched her brows together. “The fuck?”

But she heard it again, so close it may as well be emanating from her own head: “Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, cuz they are so awesome!”

Not in her head. Under it. From her pack, which she was using as a pillow.

Ana struggled the flaps open and groped inside until her fingers found the familiar shape of her phone. Rider. At some point during her last night in California, she’d changed Rider’s ringtone to the narwhal song. Because, she supposed, he was so awesome. And she’d been high.

She accepted the call, put it on speaker so she wouldn’t have to find her ear, and let her hand drop with a smack to the wet floor. “Morning,” she said.

Rider’s voice grated out through the phone into the empty room like the echoing voice of God Himself: “Woman, you better be dying in a motherfucking ditch somewhere, because if you ain’t, you will be when I get my fucking hands on you.”

On stage, Freddy opened his eyes.


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