Serial Saturday Update

Well, now, it’s three weeks running that I’ve had nothing else to blog about apart from my FNAFiction. I’m on a roll. A terrible, terrible roll.

I’m preparing to take a cross-country trip at the moment, so maybe I’ll be able to share some observations and possibly pictures from the road next week. In any event, I won’t be completely out of contact, so it shouldn’t affect my upload schedule for Everything Is All Right, Part One: Girl on the Edge of Nowhere. Oh, did I mention I just uploaded Chapter Nine at and Here is a small sample (which some of you may have already read earlier on this blog)…

Everything Is Alright Part 1 (1)

Ana did not waste time. Upon completing her first walkthrough—crawlthrough—of the house, she unpacked her things onto the porch and turned the trailer in at the U-Haul lot in Hurricane. While she was there, she dropped in at the outlet store mall and bought some essential items—a collapsible clothesline tree and a bag of pins, a foldaway chair, a solar-heated camp shower, a battery-powered lantern and a couple cheap LED flashlights, a propane stove and Dutch oven. After some debate, she also caved in and bought a tent, but didn’t set it up yet. Although the rain had not returned with the same force as had greeted her on her first night back in Mammon, it hadn’t dried out either. The house was in no condition to be occupied and, for now, the ground was wet and the porch was rotten. The boxes containing her life could sit under the sagging eaves and risk collapse—they were replaceable—while Ana slept in her truck, telling herself that it would only be for a few days.

But the gears of government grind slowly. Ana knew this and believed she was prepared to deal with the inevitable delays in a rational and adult manner. What she failed to take into consideration was that, in this case, she was not watching the gears turn, but was caught up in them. Their many teeth were hooked and sharp; with each day, she was only pulled in deeper.


2 responses to “Serial Saturday Update

  1. Enjoy your trip. I started reading each chapter but found that the pace was too slow. I’m used to consuming an R Lee Smith novel, shutting out the family until I’m full. Haha. So, I stopped and decided to wait until it was all posted. How many chapters will there be? Also, can you share with your faithful fans what you are working on now? Thank you.

    • As of this moment, I am just working on the FNAF book. Girl on the Edge of Nowhere (which has 18 chapters total, btw) is just one of the five parts that will make up the entire novel. The completed work, Everything Is All Right, will doubtless be over a thousand pages long.

      After that, I guess I’ll see what’s calling my name from the old storyboard. This has just been too fun to ignore.

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