Serial Saturday Update

Wow, this day not only snuck up on me, it put a bag over my head, threw me in the trunk of its car, drove me to the park and had a lovely cookout with me, then put the bag back over my head, threw me in the lake and drove off laughing. In short, I didn’t realize it was Saturday and time to update my FNAFiction, Everything Is All Right, Part Two: Mike Schmidt and the Long Night, until one in the morning. I was just about to turn off my computer and settle in for a long night of lying awake thinking of story scenes and picking lake-weed out of my hair, when I glanced at the date and thought, ‘Is today Thursday or Friday?’

The answer was no. Neither.

Anyhoo, half an hour of frantic formatting later, and the new chapter is up on both and, so if you’re reading along, be sure to check it out. If you’re still on the fence, please enjoy this excerpt (and then go check it out. I mean, you might as well, right? Until this book is finished, I’m not going to work on any others).

Everything Is Alright Part 2

“Of course I’m tired. It’s…What time is it?”

The simple question kicked Foxy straight in the brain, and he spat out a stuttering, “YAR, IT’S TIME TO SAIL!” along with Chica’s, “IT’S TIME TO EAT!” and Bonnie’s, “IT’S TIME TO ROCK!” Freddy, caught by surprise with the rest of them, let out one of his booming laughs and chimed in, “IT’S TIME TO PLAY!” before shaking it off, growling and spilling out half a bar of the March.

Ana waited.

“It’s a qu-qu—QUARTER ASKED AND NONE GIVEN!—quarter o’ three,” Foxy answered, rubbing at the back of his head like the damned triggers were an itch he could scratch away.

“Okay, so it’s three in the morning. I’ve got every right to be tired, is my point.”

Foxy gave Freddy an assessing sidelong glance and, with surprisingly genuine regret, said, “G-Go home and go to sleep-p-p, then.”

“No. Hell, even if I did go home, it’s so late, I might as well stay up.” She shifted, drawing up both legs now and resting her chin on her folded arms. Her eyes slid shut. She mumbled, “I got work in the morning and not a damn thing to wear.”

“Go home and st-st—STEER HARD TO PORT—stay up, then. Reckon I don’t c-c-care what ye do, as long as ye do it at home.”

“Sounds like you’re trying to get rid of me.”

“Caught on, d-d-did ye? Here I thought I was b-b-being so subtle.”

“Subtlety isn’t your strong suit, Captain.”

Foxy chuckled, but Freddy’s dark mood only darkened further, so he cut it off short. “Lass, I’m g-g-going to say this as gently as I know how. Get the fuck out o’ here.”

“Wow, gentle isn’t your strong suit either.”

“I weren’t made to b-b-be a gentleman. I were made to be a pirate. Besides.” He winked, more at Bonnie than at Ana. “Some lasses like it-t-t rough.”

She laughed.

Bonnie’s ears rotated around and lay flat.

“But suit yerself,” said Foxy. “Stay if ye want-t-t. Just g-g-get some sleep.”


“Yer just-t-t being stubborn now. Come on, lass, I got-t-t a bunk up here where ye can lay yer b-b—BONES TO DAVY JONES—bones down.”

Bonnie took that half-step again, this time stopped by Freddy’s hand on his shoulder and a grunt. His hands clenched and opened, mirroring the lenses of his eyes irising big and small, seeming to shift from black to green and back to black.

“It ain’t very b-b-big, but it’s dry,” Foxy continued, eyeing Bonnie with amusement. “I’ll even t-t-tuck ye in.”

“I’ll bet.”

“I’ll be on me best b-b-behavior, I promise,” he said, tracing an X in the air over his chest casing with the point of his hook.

She gave him a quizzical look, the effectiveness of which was somewhat spoiled by her crooked smile. “This would be your best pirating behavior when I’m alone with you, half-naked in your cabin? Why am I not convinced?”

“Hell, g-g-girl, it’s been so long since I had-d-d a skirt hung up in me berth, I wouldn’t know what-t-t to do with ye.”

“I’m not wearing a skirt.”

“We’ll just-t-t have to make do without one,” he told her gravely. “They usually d-d-does, in me cabin.”

“Not that you can remember that, it being so long ago.”

“It’s all c-c-coming back to me, luv.”

She laughed as Bonnie glared and Freddy pressed the heel of one hand into his forehead and sighed.


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