Serial Saturday Update

Welp, time to summon the Betas, because ready or not (I’m not ready), I need to get the editing phase underway for Part 3 before Part 2 concludes. Two more chapters. That’s it. That’s all there is.

Huh. I was just about to ask aloud why this book suddenly turned into such a grindfest and then I realized that with the conclusion of Part 3, I will have written 1000 pages in the last year. I joked that this would be the case, way back in the beginning, but then, I joked that all FIVE parts would add up to 1000 pages, not just the first three. This book is a monster.

Appropriately enough.

Appropriately enough.

And every monster bites now and then, I guess.

Anyhoo, if you couldn’t tell by the above bitchin’, the latest chapter of my FNAFiction, Everything Is All Right, Part 2: Mike Schmidt and the Long Night, is up on and also on, so if you’re reading along, head on over and get yer fix. (Damn laptop keys are crapping out on my. Half the time, I get nothing when I hit the F-key, and the other half, I get three, four or six Fs. Some of my favorite words begin with F.)

I have a pretty good recall for my books, which is to say that if you ask me a question about one of them, I can usually think of the answer without looking it up. I still know most of the character’s names off-the-cuff (or offfff-the-cu, as my frigging laptop would say if I wasn’t paying attention) and I don’t often get tripped up by forgetting hair and eye color mid-way through the book, but I tend not to remember my books by their titles, plots or heroes. I remember them by the hardest scenes I had to write. And this scene, in this chapter…this is how I will remember this book. This is the scene that made me think, for the first time in my writing career, ‘I need a trigger warning on this thing.’ So yeah. You have been warned.

Everything Is Alright Part 2

The video was in black and white, shot from a high angle downward to a table with two chairs. Mike was in one of them, smoking his third cigarette, by the looks of the ashtray between them. “You sure you’re okay with this?” Mike asked. The audio was bad, tinny.

The other man shrugged. He was not a young man, but there was something about him, something more than just his too-thin build and hunched way of sitting, that gave that impression. Not of youth exactly, but of age cut off, stunted, and it wasn’t in his body, but his face. His eyes, mostly. Those staring eyes, looking out a thousand yards away to watch some other time play and replay and play again, never really over.

Ana’s finger twitched, wanting to find the pause button and end this before it ever started. She was not the least bit curious what this man had to say. She believed it, whatever it was. She didn’t need to hear it to believe it, and she didn’t want to. Whatever had destroyed this man…it could still hurt.

“Tell me your name,” Mike said.

“Yeah. Right. Okay.” The man looked directly at the camera and said, slowly and clearly, “Nathan Donahue. Nate. In 1987, when it happened, I was fifteen. I’d have to look up the date, I don’t remember it. But it wasn’t long after their big re-opening. After, you know…you heard about the Bite?”

“Yeah, I heard.”

“Yeah, so the place was closed for a while after the Bite, but then it opened up again, and it really wasn’t very long after that. I get the feeling it was cold, so maybe…winter? I don’t know. Weather in that town is weird. Anyway, it had to have been a weekend, because I was staying over at my best friend Robert’s house and he and his big brother, Steve, and Steve’s girlfriend, Tessa, all got the idea to sneak into Freddy’s. The one off Mulholland, the one with all the plastic toys. And the puppet in a box.”

That was all he said for a few seconds.

“You okay?” Mike asked.

“Yeah. Yeah, quit asking. Let me just say it. You’d think it’d get easier, but it doesn’t,” he added and laughed. It was an awful laugh.


6 responses to “Serial Saturday Update

    • I hate to commit myself on this, because it’s been so long that returning to that series now almost seems like a step backward, but of all the books I’ve written (and are likely to write) that is the ONE series that may get another book. See, when I was writing it, there were a lot of scenes and little stories that I had to trim out of the final drafts because the series was already a million pages long.

      Four of them in particular stood out, because they felt like such loose threads. There was one concerning Nakaroth; one with Reed adjusting to life in Dryleaf’s village; one with the Great Dragon taking control of the human empire in the lands west of the Valley; and one that addressed both Rhiannon’s relationship with Arion, as well as the situation in the new kraal.

      Although the series is itself done, I have always felt dissatisfied that not every story got told the way I wanted. So while not a continuation of Taryn’s story, per se, I do have a few…let’s call them novellas, that I would like to lump together and publish, but only one of them is complete as of now, and the time it would take to write the others is time I could be spending on a new story.

      Since I’m spending (wasting?) this year on fanfiction, I feel like taking another year to develop more Arcadia stories instead of, say, The Bone Tree or The Bull of Minos, would maybe not be the smartest thing to do. However, I still do want to “finish” my series properly. It might not happen in the immediate future…heck, it might not happen at all…but I want it to happen. So it might.

      Sorry if that’s a really bad answer, but it’s the only honest one I have for you.

  1. I am definitely going to have to check this Fanfic series out. Idk if this is the best place for this comment but I have read every book you have published and pimp them like they are going out of style lol I have never read another author that hits me the way you do. Once I enter one of your worlds, it is impossible for me to ever fully leave. Thank you for sharing your awesome mind with us all!

    • Thanks.
      Gosh, I am never going to NOT sound like a complete tool when I say that, but what the heck do you say when someone thanks you for your awesome mind? Like, come on. This is the same mind that ponders the sex lives of cartoon characters and why I generally like red-colored jelly beans but not green-colored ones, regardless of flavor. Honored is the only word that comes close to how I feel whenever a new reader reaches out to me. I am sincerely grateful that you took the time to drop a note, let alone for the words of support and encouragement, for which I am also sincerely grateful. Self-published authors face a real uphill climb when it comes to expanding their fanbase and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, means more than a heartfelt recommendation. So thank you and thank you and thanks again for pimping me like I’m going out of style. Hope to keep you around for a long, long time to come.

  2. I just finished watching the outlander series on stars and thought the “Lords of Arcadia” would make a great tv series. Have you thought about pitching your books for live action? I would love to see it.

    • Can’t say I ever did. I barely think about publishing them as books, LOL. But I can’t think it would be a very successful series, seeing as how the reality TV medium has all but crippled scripted TV. A successful scripted series of any kind has really become rare, and I don’t see how any of my books could be made without spending a damn fortune every week on costuming, makeup effects and CGI. Plus, it’s such a niche genre. My books all have fantasy or sci-fi or paranormal elements; they have gore and violence and sex and deal with taboo issues. The only thing I can think of that comes close is Game of Thrones, and sure, that’s been monstrously popular, but just the fact that it does stand out so spectacularly among a sea of scripted “real life” shows like Empire or Mad Men or Black Sails, tells me that serious adult fantasy is just not very likely to make it on TV. I would hate to see any of my books turned into, say, Xena: Warrior Princess, which was also wildly successful, but hokey as dimestore hell. And yet, I acknowledge that my books would be so expensive to produce that they’d almost have to be hokey in order to come in under budget.

      Having said all that, I do sometimes lull myself to sleep by imagining Land of the Beautiful Dead or Last Hour of Gann as a movie…that would be fucking awesome.

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