Serial Saturday Update

So how was my week, you ask? Well, it began with the heater going out on Sunday, as we are in (hopefully) the last cold snap of the season. Nothing to compare with some of the winter storms going on in other parts of the country, but it’s still been around freezing at night, so yeah, kinda wanted some heat. However, I’m a mature adult, so I put on my Godzilla onesie and just tucked a kitten in each bootie to keep my feet warm.

Then on Monday, my father began to complain of stomach pains. One humorous 80’s style montage later, he was admitted to the hospital, where he ended up staying until today. Nothing too serious, except in the sense that any five-day stay at the hospital for your 70-year old father is serious, and let me repeat, he’s home now and all better, so we can all laugh over the times when the nurse gave him his pain meds and he proceeded to, as the kids say, “trip balls”. It probably doesn’t help that right before all this happened, he and I were watching Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital, so unsurprisingly, whilst hallucinating for three or four hours, he ended up wandering a nightmare version of our local hospital and talking to demonic dopplegangers of the nurses. The doctor who spoke to us the next day said they were going to be talking about that one for years to come.

So I lost a lot of this week to visits and general fretting. Also painting. You all remember when I mentioned I was teaching myself to paint? Well, when The Beard was on his bed of pain, we asked if we could bring him something from home to keep his spirits up and he said, “Snails.” Now, he was possibly joking and definitely high as hell, but my sister and I went home and painted the man some snails. Here is mine:

I remind the reader that I am neither a professional painter, nor a photographer.

On a subsequent visit, when we asked again if there was anything he’d like, he said, “A dangerous platypus.”

You have to look closely to see the platypus.

And so the week passed in this manner. Now that he’s home, I finally got around to asking what the hey was up with those weird requests, or if he even remembered making them. He said of course he remembered. He’d been trying in his own weird way to reassure us by showing that his sense of humor was intact, and it threw him slightly that no matter what he said, we just took it in stride. I think by the end, he was wondering if maybe we were high.

Anyway, all’s well that ends at home, so back to my regularly scheduled blog.

Today, the second part of my 5-part Five Nights At Freddy’s fanfiction series, Everything Is All Right concludes with the last chapter of Mike Schmidt and the Long Night, which you can find up at and again over at And next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-websites, the first chapter of Part Three: Children of Mammon, will premiere. If you’ve stuck with me this long, why not tag along a little longer?

Oh crap, I just realized I have one week to write a blurb.



9 responses to “Serial Saturday Update

  1. That was way too quick a read. Common next Friday/Saturday! lol…

    And your paintings look great! I can really see the improvement from your earlier ones. Keep it up! Also glad to hear your dad is doing all right. No more hospital visits, ya hear?

  2. Glad your dad is better, the paintings are actually pretty awesome, and good luck with the blurb. I’ve had a heater go out on us years ago in the middle of winter and we had two cats at the time. It was the only way we survived the night. My husband, the cats, and I were all huddled under a mountain of blankets.

    • I do not, although that’s still flattering. But no, I barely do this or Facebook. I barely do much of anything, come to think of it….
      …I need to re-evaluate some life choices….

      • Have been looking for u on Facebook. The only R Lee Smith I find has nothing posted about your books, so this cant be u. Facebook is always force feeding me authors that I dont care 2 figs for. I am waiting for posts for your books so I can spread your words to the multitudes.

      • It may actually have been me, because I don’t use FB for book related stuff very often. I use it mainly to keep in touch with friends and family, and only post book-stuff when I’ve got a new release or I’m up for an award or that sort of thing.

    • That’s quite a shebang you’re planning. EIAR is a 5-part series, and each part so far has been over 300 pages long (because I can NOT shut up under normal circumstances and not having to worry about saleability has allowed me to indulge in some really questionable writing habits, most notably, NEVER editing for length).

      • Shebang = 1 week. Or something. Either way, I’m excited. It’s like waiting for Christmas. A really, really fucked up Christmas. 😉

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