Children of Mammon Premieres

The third part of my 5-part Five Nights at Freddy’s Fanfic just went up over at and again over at! For the tens and tens of you waiting with bated breath since Part Two concluded, go check it out, but be warned! With each new installment of the series, the book as a whole gets darker and my mental high-water mark (or low limbo bar) for twisted scenes to include in a book keeps moving. I’ve barely begun working on Part Four and I’ve already started working out some of the more crazy-violent and upsetting scenes I’ve slated for Part Five and frankly, I’m left thinking I just might go ahead and open The Bull of Minos with the Pasiphae/Bull sex scene after all. Yeah, not so excited to see me get back to the ‘real’ books now, are ya?

Those of you still nodding should be ashamed of yourselves.

Those of you nodding excitedly should remember how the Minotaur was conceived.

For all those who asked, my dad is doing great and quite tickled by all the well-wishing from my readers, some of whom are also his readers! Anyway, we all know the drill by now. Here is an excerpt from the new chapter. Let’s just pretend I did all the bitching and moaning about how I need to blog more about other stuff besides my FNAFiction (I do, and I will, but not this week. Next week doesn’t look good either).

It was hot in the closet from the start and with winter clothes pressing down from above and heavy blankets heaped to one side, the heat became almost an animal thing, panting its used breath into Ana’s face as she lay huddled and crawling with sweat atop a pillow of mismatched shoes. She slept closet-sleep, oppressive and unrestful, but deep enough that she never heard footsteps on the kitchen linoleum until the door rattled and opened, hitting Ana with the twin slaps of fresher air and bright light. She raised her head groggily, seeing only a formless black mass against the light.

“Get dressed,” her mother told her. “We’re going out.”

Ana unfolded her body and made it work, gaining her feet and walking to her room on legs that somehow were both shaky and stiff. There was still a little fire shining off the dirty clouds outside her window, proof that she had been in the closet only a few hours this time. It had felt like much longer since she’d come home from school and walked stupidly into the eye of her mother’s storm. She had no idea what she’d done this time and had learned not to ask. She was beginning to learn to be grateful for the closet, which, hot and dark and suffocating as it was, was still a barrier between Ana and her mother’s fists.

Ana opened the broken suitcase where she kept all her clothes, shifting the neat piles of tops and bottoms until she found the too-tight top and too-small shorts that were her ‘going out’ clothes. She took a quick shower, brushed her wet hair, then dressed without looking at herself in the mirror. A little tinted lip gloss was all the make-up she was allowed to wear and applying it took all the time she had left to waste. Her mother was already waiting for her in the car.

It was a twenty minute drive to Rider’s place. Neither spoke.



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