R. Lee Smith lives in Kansas with family.

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  1. I suppose I came to this forum to find information that I now find irrelevant. I cant help but be curious what you look like, whether you are male or female. Either way I think I’ve decided to stop scouring the internet to dig you out of it. You’re enough of ‘you’ through your works. I appreciate your existence immensely, I’d practically cut off a thumb to spend a week in your presence. (;

  2. Hi! First off, I want to say I’m a HUGE fan. It has been years since I’ve been so absolutely enthralled by any book, and every book I have read of yours has sucked me in deeply and instaneously. So thank you from the very bottom of my heart for returning that part of my life to me.
    Out of all your books, I keep going back to reread Cottonwood. I guess I like cute alien babies. *shrug*
    Anyway. I have to ask because even though T’aki is super cute, I need to know if there is another story for Samaritan floating around somewhere in your head. I’m so interested in his character. My favorite part of this book was him and I’m dying to know more. I can understand if that’s not something you want to divulge but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask.

    • A lot of my stories continue on in my head, so I have to admit, there’s room there for more, but at this time, I have no plans to write a sequel. Sorry. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Do you autograph books!? I admit I’d do some shady stuff for one! If so, it there a website I can go to, to order it!? Pleeeaasseeee

  4. Hey R Lee

    I had a dream last night about Mara and Kazuul on their honeymoon in Vegas. They were also trying to entrap some geneticists into joining the Scholomance. The dream was so vivid but now of course I can’t remember all the details! 😀. I’ll just have to be satisfied with re-reading the book. Thought I’d share. Thanks.

  5. Just finished LHoG and it’s the first of your books I’ve read. I was amazed that there was not one time I felt bored or felt the need to skip ahead to get past a slow part. There just weren’t any slow parts, and I truly don’t know how you managed that with a book that long! I was riveted from the very beginning to the surprising end… Which brings me to my 1 complaint: Pool!!! I eagerly read the teaser chapter at the end of LHoG and then searched in vain first on Amazon, and then the web, for this elusive book. I hope that you’re getting closer to making Pool available. I’ve read plenty of horror that doesn’t have a happy ending. You could put a short disclaimer at the beginning of the description (like the ones for dark stories with triggers that warn of content so people don’t buy it). “This is horror – if you need a HEA, don’t buy this book” 😉 Really though, I hope most of your readers appreciate your writing for the artistry it is.

    • Anything could happen, and I certainly haven’t deleted Pool’s file out of my computer, but as of this moment, I have no plans to publish it. I get enough flak from people telling me how I fail to follow the formula for romances. Pool would be a career-killer at this juncture.

  6. The tales you weave are intricate and horrifying and beautiful and twist at my insides every time.
    I hope very much to one day experience Pool. I sympathize with your hesitation to share and I don’t wish at all to be insistent or demanding by posting this. I do, however, want to earnestly express my appreciation for the unending hours of otherness that you’ve given me and your audience.
    I hope one day to see Pool published to the public, but no matter what, I will cherish the peek into that reality. Wishing you well and thanking you for what you’ve given me.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. Although I have no plans to publish Pool at this time, I haven’t deleted it either, so who knows what the future may bring?

    • At the moment, it’s just the fanfiction. I’m not one of those authors who can work on more than one book at a time without losing everyone’s voice. But! If you’re not into it, fear not, for as soon as Part IV is finished (not long now!) I will be working on a quick (for me anyway) book that was lost from the Arcadia series, Reed’s story. After that, I’ll go back to the fanfic until Part V is over and then that series is forever done, and I’m on to the next project, which will be a three-part Dark Fae series.

      Hang in there! I have been writing almost constantly since I was in my teens and I have no plans to ever stop.

  7. Thanks for writing!! I love all your books. I just reread LHoG (again). I see from earlier comments you don’t have plans to publish Pool, which is heartbreaking, but I’m so excited to hear you’re planning a Dark Fae series!! ❤

    • Thanks for reading! And as I’ve said before, I have NO plans to publish Pool at this time, but I haven’t exactly deleted it off the face of the world either, so who knows? I believe in keeping my options open.

  8. I admit, I just discovered you not to long ago. But you’ve quickly become one of my favorite authors! I love your books❤
    Have you ever thought about writing a book about a robot love interest? I don’t mean an android who looks exactly human, but an actual robot. Maybe even an alien one… Sorry for rambling, I just thought it may or may not fit into the nonhuman love pile.
    Hope your day’s goin well, glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂

    • Well now, you should check out my FNAF fanfic, running over at fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org. You do not need to know anything about the game in order to follow the story (I hope), and the love interest(s) are 100%…well, maybe more like 99 44/100 % pure robot.

      • Sorry for the late response 😦
        I’ll definitely check out the fanfic. Never rlly been into fnaf before, but I know some stuff about it from a friend who’s a fan.
        I’ll give it a try though, you’re a good writer :)!

  9. Huge fan of all your work! All your stories, voices and worlds are so unique, thank you for the hours of entertainment!!

    I do have a question (which I’m sure you must get a lot so I’m sorry for repeating it), during my last re-read of Cottonwood, I was having a hard time visualizing what the yang’ti look like. Do you have a drawing of what you imagined them to look like?

    • Sorry for the late reply! I wish I had a better answer for you, but to be honest, the yang’ti only exist in my imagination and I don’t have the artistic skill (yet) to draw them ‘right’. I drew my inspiration from a lot of different sources. Their mouths are very spidery or crab-like. Their bodies…more than anything, they look like the ants from ANTZ, except with only two legs. But they have a very stylized silhouette, with very clean hard lines–not very broad chests, but they have such narrow waists that they seem broad. Their chests have a kind of segmented section, so they’re very broad (ish) above, dimple in, then become a little broader for the area where their claspers are, then get very very narrow, then have one of those tail-like segments behind them. Their feet are spidery, hairy and hooked; their hands look like a bunch of centipedes of varying lengths danging from a socket wrench…LOL, sorry, this isn’t very helpful. I have a clear image of them in MY head, I just struggle to get it out.

  10. Heyo!

    My SO loves your books, and her birthday is coming up. Is there any way I can buy a signed copy of one of them please? Her favorite is The Last Hour of Gan, but anything would be awesome.

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Despite what this may sound like, it’s not a random question, but a serious ask.
    Would you ever consider writing about a living scarecrow or the headless horseman?
    How would you go about writing them?
    Love your books! Can’t wait for the next chapter of your fanfic.

    • As for how I’d write them…probably the same way I write everything else. By not planning it out much (or at all) and just watching the movie play out in my mind until it fills in enough of its own gaps that I just HAVE to try and describe what I’m seeing. But one thing I’m sure I would not do is include a magical transformation where they become ‘normal’ for the sex scenes. 😉 If you’re not willing to get straw in your clothes, you don’t lie down with a scarecrow.

      • “😉If you’re not willing to get straw in your clothes, you don’t lie down with a scarecrow.”
        These are honestly the wisest words I’ve heard an author tell me😌.
        You’re one of my favorite authors. I hope you stay safe from COVID and I wish you good days.

  12. When you write, you’ve said you kinda map out the events and then just “connect the dots”. Do you typically map out main events or is it a little more specific than that?

    • When I map things out at all, they’re in very broad strokes, sometimes only a few words. Some of my notes for the first section of The Last Hour of Gann, for example, read like: Amber and Nikki / The big talk / Manifestors / Boarding Call (crash) / Amber Wakes Up. And that’s if I even have notes for the outline at all. The only time I’ve really gotten specific with a book has been in the fanfic, which is taking place in someone else’s sandbox, so to speak, so I have to try harder to fit my story within that other world. When it comes to my books, I just write whatever I see most clearly, and then figure out how to fit the pieces together and what needs to fill in the blanks later.

  13. Holy balls, I didn’t know you had a website!
    I’ve been reading since I could hold a book (like all of us book nerds) and won an award for reading 121 books in 1 year in middle school. I read A LOT. A LOT A LOT.

    And out of the thousands of books I have pummeled into my face, The Land of the Beautiful Dead is my favourite. It is my quintissential book.

    Just from reading the comments, I’m not sure how you’re doing but I hope you’re hanging in there. It’s just a little bit further.
    Do you know if hard copies of The Land of the Beautiful Dead and Cottonwood are available anywhere? Would love to exchange an 1/8th of my kidney in exchange for them, if possible.
    I’ll check out your FNAF fanfic as well! If there are any other ways to support you, lemme know gurl, I worship your literature.

    All my love,

    – a book obssessed junior doctor, UK

    • Wellll…I kinda don’t have a website anymore, since WordPress done me dirty, but I’m trying to find an alternative and once the move is behind me, I’ll focus more on that…and writing…and sleep. Promises, promises.
      In the meantime, let me just say that paperback options should be available on Amazon now for all my books, plus I’ve finally started experimenting with merch at Redbubble.

      • Take your sweet time, babe – I moved house one week before lockdown in March and my god did it S U C C, so I understand the woes.

        I’ll have a look for the paperbacks on Amazon and at Redbubble, merci beaucoup!

        Its awful about WordPress 😦
        YouTubers are always going on about the beauty of Squarespace (pricey) and Wix (more flexible), but I love Weebly.

        Its one of the easiest alternatives to use! I highly recommend Weebly, its bang on easy to get going.
        All the best sorting things out.

        Stay spicy xxx

  14. Oh my fucking god, I can’t believe I haven’t thought to ask this. Where the hell was Connie hiding in scholomance? Do you have any places in your head that you think she was that whole time?

  15. I absolutely love your books. You have this way of writing the scenes I really want to see between characters. Some books and books series, you start to near the end and you’re like, “Oh no! Don’t stop! I need more!” I love your books because I’ll be 1/4 or 1/3 of the way through, which feels like a huge part of the story, a lot has happened in the book already, and I get giddy thinking, “Omg! There’s still more! There’s LOTS more!” I love your protagonists and how through the progress of the story you uncover all the human emotions and decisions that would naturally occur. I feel gluttonous when I read your books.

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