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Earth. A world quarantined since its discovery by the Far-Reachers of Jota’s history. And where the fortunes of slavers and chemists have been made ever since. It was to Earth that Kanetus E’Var, the son of Jota’s most ruthless slaver, escaped to make Vahst, a powerful drug manufactured from the human brain. And it was to Earth that Tagen Pahnee, Fourth-ranking officer of the Jotan Off-World Security Fleet, was sent to bring the criminal back to justice. Neither of them could have anticipated that at that moment, E’Var’s hunting grounds were experiencing the worst heat wave in years, triggering the Jotan breeding cycle in both males. Home is not an option for either of them. Both are determined to find a way to work on this hostile planet, surrounded by humans, surrounded by dangers, surrounded by Heat. Adult readers only, due to graphic gore, violence, and explicit sexual situations.

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The Care and Feeding of Griffins_ARE

Taryn MacTavish found the egg in a pile of wet leaves on a camping trip when she was only nine years old. A nine-year old believes in a lot of things–killer snipes, flying dragons, magical powers and fantastic worlds–but the woman that Taryn has become is firmly rooted in the real world…until the egg she has safely kept all these years hatches into a baby griffin. Now she must make a choice: Abandon Aisling and lead a normal life, or follow a mysterious singing gypsy out of Earth and into Arcadia, where wizardry is very real and each new day brings unimaginable new dangers.

The first installment of R. Lee Smith’s Lords of Arcadia series, THE CARE AND FEEDING OF GRIFFINS raises the genre of erotica to a whole new level. Richly-styled and filled with Smith’s defining blend of horror and humor, Griffins tells a fast-paced suspenseful story that takes the reader right to the edge of the darkest thrills.

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The Wizard in the Woods_ARE

Since coming to the world of Arcadia to raise her baby griffin, Taryn MacTavish has had to overcome a lot of difficulties, but she’s finally beginning to feel welcome. She’s settled into her small camp in the Valley of Hoof and Horn, she’s earned the trust (and perhaps more) of the Cerosan lord who rules it, she’s been adopted by the mystical Morathi of kraal-Rucombe, and best of all, she’s made friends with the lonely magus who lives by the lake nearby…but her new friend is not what he seems. The mysterious man who has such an eerie, unshakeable grip on her thoughts is no man at all, but a merciless and ancient evil that hungers for her mind and lusts for her flesh.

THE WIZARD IN THE WOODS is the second exciting chapter of R. Lee Smith’s ground-breaking erotic series, Lords of Arcadia. Enter a dark world of fantasy and desire in a compelling story of good and evil as told by a master erotic storyteller.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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The Roads of Taryn MacTavish_ARE

The wizard is dead and there is peace in the Valley, but peace doesn’t necessarily mean that life gets easier. As summer drags on, Taryn MacTavish must find a way to cope with the inevitable changes peace has brought: Her baby griffin is growing up, the Dragon-born Pathfinders have opened the Roads between Arcadia and Earth, the long-exiled Cerosan are returning to their homeland, and Antilles, lord of the Valley of Hoof and Horn, has defied all tradition and asked Taryn to marry him, but perhaps the greatest change is the one growing under her own heart—the child conceived by the wizard’s mark.

But while Taryn’s new family on Arcadia and her old family from Earth come together in celebration, a new shadow grows, an ancient evil which sends Taryn alone into strange new lands on an impossible quest from which there may well be no return.

R. Lee Smith’s powerhouse erotic series, Lords of Arcadia, continues a dark vision of fantasy and sensual suspense that grips the reader from the first page and doesn’t let go. Fans of Smith’s provocative style will not be disappointed by this return to Arcadia, where life and death, sex and savagery, are often waypoints on THE ROADS OF TARYN MACTAVISH.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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The Armies of Mab_ARE

Something has come to Arcadia, something that moves unseen through the thin places in the Valley of Hoof and Horn—an unstoppable army from Earth led by a deathless wizard intent upon conquest and devastation. Now Taryn MacTavish and her sister must convince old enemies to unite against a greater threat than they ever known, and the ancient evil whose terrible love may mean the end of Arcadia…and all the unsuspecting Realms beyond.

R. Lee Smith’s unforgettable erotic epic, Lords of Arcadia, concludes in the fourth volume of the thrilling series, THE ARMY OF MAB.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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Olivia Blake has been taken. Out of the bed where she slept. Out of the nice, safe apartment filled with all her ordinary things. Out of the quiet, Northwestern town where no monsters could possibly exist. Out of her whole human world.

But the worst thing about monsters is, they don’t always want to kill you. Sometimes, they want to keep you.

OLIVIA is the uncut, uncensored edition of R. Lee Smith’s first full-length erotic horror novel—the tale of one young woman’s descent into a dark, savage new world she must not only embrace, but ultimately fight to save.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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The Scholomance_ARE

For centuries, there has been a legend of a hidden school where magic is taught by the demons who dwell there to anyone who seeks them out, but they ask a terrible price: Anyone who reaches the door of the Scholomance may enter, but the Devil takes every tenth student who tries to leave.

A hidden school. Demonic masters. An inescapable fate for one out of every ten graduates. But Connie would do anything to have the magic her best friend was born with.

And Mara would do anything to get Connie back.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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They never meant to come to Earth. They were never allowed to leave…

Welcome to Cottonwood.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and $6.50

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The Last Hour of Gann_ARE

It was her last chance

Amber Bierce had nothing left except her sister and two tickets on Earth’s first colony-ship. She entered her Sleeper with a five-year contract and the promise of a better life, but awakened in wreckage on an unknown world. For the survivors, there is no rescue, no way home and no hope until they are found by Meoraq—a holy warrior more deadly than any hungering beast on this hostile new world…but whose eyes show a different sort of hunger when he looks at her.

It was his last year of freedom

Uyane Meoraq is a Sword of Sheul, God’s own instrument of judgment, victor of hundreds of trials, with a conqueror’s rights over all men. Or at least he was until his father’s death. Now, without divine intervention, he will be forced to assume stewardship over House Uyane and lose the life he has always known. At the legendary temple of Xi’Matezh, Meoraq hopes to find the deliverance he seeks, but the humans he encounters on his pilgrimage may prove too great a test even for him…especially the one called Amber, behind whose monstrous appearance burns a woman’s heart unlike any he has ever known.

From R. Lee Smith, author of Heat and Cottonwood, comes an epic new story of desire, darkness and the dawn that comes after The Last Hour of Gann.

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, strong sexual content and explicit language. It is intended for mature readers only.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and for $6.50

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  1. So my fav book blogger is raving about The Last Hour of Gann. So I am dutifully reading, I just got it from Barnes & Noble and can’t wait to jump in!

  2. I hate to do this here. But I simply could not find any contact information for you. Maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. But I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed The Last Hour of Gann (Truly!) and I wrote a review for it. I probably missed the mark in interpreting your novel for myself, but it’s an honest interpretation of what I took away from it at least. You have an incredible imagination and I will be reading more of your books. I just purchased Cottonwood and Heat. Which one do you think I should start with next?

    • Don’t feel bad. This blog is all about giving readers a way to contact me. I love getting proof that people are actually reading what I write. For some reason, sales just don’t mean as much as someone saying, “Hey, I read your book,” especially when they liked it.

      As for recommendations, I hesitate to point the finger because self-praise is just the worst kind, but I can say that The Scholomance is probably the most personal book, as it stems from a recurring nightmare I’ve had since childhood. It’s definitely the darkest of the bunch, though.

  3. Also, I wasn’t able to include any publisher information or facebook/twitter pages in my review to help promote your book. Are these things you would prefer not to share at the moment? If so, I completely understand, but wanted to check, just in case I missed the details somewhere.

  4. The Last Hour of Gann – Wow, R. Lee Smith you rock. I was checking out another Authors’ (Dahlia West) site, because I’m waiting on one her books to come out and she was raving about your book. I love to read and I like to check out authors that I have not heard of before. I love paranormal books so this was right up my alley. Bought it, down loaded it opened it and it said 973 pages and I said, Damn that is a lot of pages. THEN, I started reading. Again with WOW. I felt like you were holding my hand and leading me through the story of Amber & Meoraq. I read it within 24 hours and was upset that it was over. I will be reading more of your books and I hope that there is sequel to The Last Hour of Gann, because I would like to know more of the baby that she is having and the changes that Meoraq will be making. Thank you for making my day.

    • Thank you for making mine! But as of this time, I have no intention of writing a sequel to The Last Hour of Gann (or to Heat, Cottonwood, Olivia, The Scholomance…or really anything, with the possible exception of future Lords of Arcadia books). Those stories have been told. But thanks for reading!

  5. I’m a huge fan of “The Last Hour of Gann” and “Heat”, and just finished “Cottonwood”, another great book. I love your writting style and the way you can turn a human and an alien into a totally believable couple. And Damn! I have to confess that, even against my will, I ended up also falling (just a little bit) in love with your vilains. 🙂

    You are an amazing writer!

    Oh, before I forget, could you tell me which song Sarah was humming at the beginning of the book and then again, when she was recued by Sanford? If it gave me goose bumps just reading it, imagine if I could listen to the song while rereading it!!! I put the lines of the song in the Google search but it didn’t pan out. Please, please, pretty please, what is the name of that song?

    • Forgive me for my mistakes, but I’m still learning English (and reading your books is one heck of a good way to improve it.). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of fans here in Brazil. Cheers!


    • LOL, gee thanks! I’m glad you liked the song. I wrote it myself.

      Using songs in books opens up a whole new arena of aggravation, due to copyright laws. Basically, there is no such thing as “fair use” for lyrics, so either I write my own lyrics or jump through some legal hoops to use existing songs. In the Arcadia series, for example, it took me three months and two rewrites to get permission to use “You Are My Sunshine” and while I’m sure the copyright holders made the process as easy as possible, it still isn’t anything I want to repeat any time soon. So, yeah, for Sarah, who is always humming, I either referred to existing songs without directly quoting them, or had her sing the song I made up myself…which I titled Dangerous, by the way.

  6. Loved, loved, loved The Last Hour of Gann!!! Would really love to know if your going to write any other books on Gann??? Cause I really really loved it. I’ve read it more then once and i’ll most likely read it again in the future. Your great please keep up the good work. Hope to see more from Gann if not I can still ready it again. hehe

    • I’m always glad to hear from a reader, especially when they have good things to say. 🙂 At this time, I have no plans to write sequels to any of my books. I like to think that Meoraq and Amber go on, somewhere, but their story is told.

  7. I can understand that I really loved Meoraq and Amber was one kickass woman, one of my very favorite of all time. I was more interested in the world of Gann in general then in more about those 2 specially cause I loved the culture in general. But now im going to have to get to reading more of your books as your still and always will be one of my very favorite authors }8-) Luv Ya Keep going strong.

  8. There is a joint podcast done by Jane Litt of Dear Author and Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy books. They spent so much time arguing about Last Hour, that i downloaded a sample, was immediately hooked and bought the book. I was doing fine until Meoraq and Amber met, then it turned into a marathon read to the finish. I told Sarah she owes me an interview to compensate for stealing so many hours of my sleep. She said if I had any way to contact you, to tell her to get in touch with her about an interview on the podcast. I hope you do this because it would be totally awesome. Here is her email:

    Hope this happens.

    Now I’m reading Heat, hoping I can control myself. I need my sleep.

  9. Is there any chance Last Hour of Gann will be released in hardback or would you consider doing it via Createspace? I’m in the process of purchasing all of your books (started with Heat which hooked me) but LHOG has left me obsessed 🙂 I need another book like it, please say there will be more?!

    It’s one of the best romances I’ve read in the last few years and I’m very picky!

    • That was the plan, to get all my books out on Createspace because I, too, prefer a physical book to an ereader. All I can say is, I’m working on it. When it gets closer to reality, I’ll update my blog. Oh, and I’ll do more blog updates, swear.

      • Just seconding the desire for some sort of print-on-demand option, as I’d be on a bound copy of “The Last Hour of Gann” like white on rice! I love ereading for first read-throughs, but you can’t beat a physical book if you intend to revisit a favorite for decades to come.

      • I have just finished formatting The Last Hour of Gann for publication on Create Space. Going the self-published route seriously limits my options and I do not have the head for the massive list of requirements most places hit you with. If it goes well, all my other books will follow and I should have all of them up by the end of the year. I will be sure to update when they become available.

  10. At the end of “The Last Hour of Gann” there was a sneak peek into a new book “Pool” that said it would come out end of this year, but I don’t see anything about it on your Blogs…. Is it still in the works? I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting for her new books!

    • Still in the works, I swear! I put it up to write the, ha, quick 25k novella I was going to give away as a freebie at this last RT Convention. That was the book that has blown up into the 200k The Land of the Beautiful Dead. When it is done (editing!), I will be back on Pool.

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  12. Hi.. I have just finished your book “Olivia” and have to say it was one hell of a book, loved it, I came across the name of the book on goodreads and immediately had my attention :). I could not put the book down :)… but I was just wondering about the ending, why did it end like that? cause I really wanted to see what’s going to happen with Olivia and all the other characters. Thank you 🙂

    • Honestly, it ended like that because that was how it ended. A lot of people have written with subtle and not so subtle complaints, saying it felt “tacked on” and so forth, like I didn’t know how to end the book, so I just typed that up and slapped it on and turned off the lights on my way out the door. I understand their feelings. I do. It’s not a traditional end. But for me, the story of Olivia was never about who she ended up with, but about who she WAS. That aspect of the book was, for me, perfectly addressed and so the book ended. And if I had it to do all over, honestly, I’d do it exactly the same way. I love that ending.

  13. “The last hour of Gann” is the best book I have ever read. I stayed up until 6am to finish it, could not for the life of me put it down. I love scifi, and your book was raved about on the amazon romance thread (called: aliens that looks like aliens). I ended up reading all the books listed there, and although there were many great books, none hit me as hard as the last hour of Gann. I thought it was an exemplary piece of writing, completely amazing and I have recommended it to everyone I know. I hope to some day read another sci fi of this quality.

    • Thank you very much. If you like aliens that look like aliens, you might like Gann’s sister-book, Cottonwood. I wrote them back to back, to reflect the various sci-fi tropes that annoy me the most in movies, and the hero very definitely looks like an alien.

  14. Hi,
    I’ve been dying to read your books as I’ve read great reviews on Goodreads and it seems that these are right up my alley. I was however unable to find them on Kobo. Thanks to this blog, I went to Blushing Books and bought the epubs for Heat and Last Hour of Gann. YEAH!!! Thanks so much.

    • Yay! You can also find me on Amazon kindle and Barnes and noble Nook store. And later this year, you’ll be able to buy printed versions at Create Space (I hope).

  15. Where have you been all my life. I stumble across “The Last Hour of Gann” and fell in love with the world and characters you created and then I read “The Scholomance” and it was so creepy and fascinating. Awesome. Next up “Cottonwood”, don’t know how I’ll do with the bug thing but I suspect I will NOT be bored anyway! Lol. Thank you.

    • Thank you! It’s always nice to come back from a long absence and catch up with nice comments like yours. I’m glad you enjoyed my books and hope you’ll like the next one!

      • I just finished “Heat”. What a roller coaster! Such an original take on an old theme. Brutal and beautiful, it often made me wince but I had to keep reading to see what happened next. (You must have some pretty graphic dreams/nightmares!) Looking forward to your next one – do you foresee a 2015 release date?

    • As soon as I can! Under normal circumstances, I write a book a year, but this past year has been…decided abnormal. Look for The Land of the Beautiful Dead updates.

  16. ^^neveermind I clicked view full site and was able to see other comments looks like you are awesome can’t wait!!!!

  17. Last Hour of Gann… words! I loved, loved, LOVED it! It took me about 3 weeks of sleepless nights to read this. I thought about and worried about the characters when I was not reading. This is so far out of my “normal” read, but read it due to a Goodreads recommendation- and I am so, very glad that I did. I have downloaded your other books and cannot wait to get started on them. Thank you so much for writing and sharing your world with us readers!!!! 🙂

  18. I never meant to fall in love with this book.

    I had finished the first draft of my first novel, and was looking for something to read while I let my book simmer. Stephen King recommends 6 weeks…so that you can come back to the drawing board with fresh eyes. Read, he says. Work on another project, he says. So I did.

    Few stories have moved me so greatly that I will always remember them. Stories that I will return to, no matter how many times I’ve read them, and experience a sense of joyful reunion when I meet the characters and follow their struggles all over again. Just a small handful of books, with the names King or Koontz stamped on the cover. And now? Smith, too.

    I wanted a mindless read, something to fill some time until I could get back to work on my own project. I didn’t find that in this book. Instead, I found a story that made me laugh. I found a story that brought me to tears. I was horrified, I was enamored. I suffered with Amber, I wept with Meoraq. And when the end came, I felt like weeping for that too…because even after 1000 pages, I was still not ready to say goodbye.

    I bought The Last Hour of Gann on a Sunday evening. The first of 4 late nights, falling asleep with my Kindle next to my head and trudging off to work the next day like a zombie. I finished it the following Friday…a week ago today. It’s haunted me since, and I suspect it will continue to do so, just as The Dark Tower has, even all these years later. It is, without argument, deserving of the privilege. Was it hard to stomach at times? Yes. Was I enraged at times? Yes. Was it worth it? Every epic story is. I do not renounce the darkness…because there was just enough light to hold onto. And it carried me through to the end.

    I hope to see this book in print. It deserves to be a tangible thing, and it deserves its place on my bookshelf, sitting next to the other greats. I doubt there is a price I wouldn’t pay for that.

    Thank you for crafting such an art. Thank you for creating characters that will feel like family every time I return to them. And thank you for sharing it with the world.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors as well. He’s not afraid to make protagonists that break the stereotype of what we think a hero ought to be, and he brings a sense of the plausible to his impossible scenarios, along with his trademark blend of darkness and light. Love his books and love being compared to him, even in passing.

  19. I’m dying for more books here. I read all the time, nearly every day, and I’m a fast reader. I’ve read hundreds of authors, I lean towards sci fi (and historical fiction), and I have to say, NO ONE writes like you. You have caused me intense physical discomfort with your descriptions of violence (Heat? Headaches. Cottonwood? New form of rape to be even more horrified by! etc etc). This is unequivocally a compliment. However, when one raises the bar, they raise the bar across the board, and now I need more books!

  20. I must say the covers of your books do not do them justice and quite frankly are not good enough for them! Who decides on the covers – I wish an artist could come up with versions of your main characters that actually fit their descriptions in the books – I almost didn’t try your books based on the covers but I am SO GLAD I did – your talent at creating worlds and building characters is phenomenal – on a par with the Dune series, Game of Thrones and even Lord of the Rings books but as you can probably tell – I am biased.

  21. Just e-stopping by to say thank you for The Last Hour of Gann. I tore through it because I wanted to be immersed in the world and in those characters, but then when it was over I wished I had slowed down to make it last longer! The story is thought-provoking, Amber’s and Meoroq’s struggles and spirits are inspiring, and their love story is beautiful and heart-breaking. I’m checking out your other books now and can’t wait to see where you go in other worlds. You are a wonderful writer with an incredible imagination and ideas. Many thanks.

  22. I can’t remember the last time I stayed up all night reading a book. As a 20 something with my college days behind me, it’s pretty hard to convince me not to sleep.

    Then I picked up Cottonwood. I started when my fiancee was nodding off and I didn’t finish until the sky had a little bit of light and I could hear the birds. The next night, I picked up The Last Hour of Gann, and I read. And I kept reading. I read until my fiancee woke up and said, you’re still awake?! I went to work and came home early so I could finish it. It was absolutely captivating and I was in love. Recounting books isn’t something I do often, but I was so enthralled I had to to try and explain to my fiancee why it was so amazing. Another commentor mentioned that this is a book that haunts you, and it’s so true.

    There are so many facets to both of the novels I have read so far, and The Last Hour of Gann is in my top 5 favorite books now. Which usually means it will be re-read once a year. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the novels you have published. Thank you for being the diamond in the rough.

    Are you on social media at all? When’s your next book coming out?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It always warms my heart to think I sent someone off to school or work too tired to function. Especially when the book in question is Cottonwood. A parent isn’t supposed to have favorite children and an author probably shouldn’t have a favorite book, but Cottonwood is definitely high on my list, closely tied with Last Hour of Gann, which only makes sense since they are sister-books.

      I am on Facebook, mostly for gaming purposes, though. I am not a child of the digital generation and, as you can see by my blogging habits (or lack thereof), I don’t spend a lot of time on social media. Heck, I only check my email once a week, if that.

  23. I just finished The Last Hour of Gann, and can I just say WOW. What an amazing book. I loved it so much! I would love to read about what happens after the book end. Because this book is only the beginning of Amber’s new life with Meoraq.

    I’m gonna give all of your books a try and hope I love them as well.

    • I hope you do, too! However, please don’t look for a sequel to Gann. Apart from the Lords of Arcadia series (and any future works that fit into a series), I don’t write sequels. You’re right, Amber’s story is just beginning, but her book is at an end.

  24. I just finished reading “The Last Hour of Gann” and I have never read anything like it. Yes the book and story was amazing, but what I really loved was how everything had a deeper undercurrent. I loved Meoraq’s religosity, and continuous communication and consulting with God and how it helped in his struggles, even in the end when he found out everything – an element of God was with him. Also another tacit message I found was in the ruins and destruction of the Ancients. How war literally lead them to the end of the world. And sadly that is whats happening around us. Funding to create mass weapons and all world leaders acting like S’Kot. Its sad, but its there and I felt it in your book. One thing I dont understand is why is it categorized as erotica? I mean I understand there is sex, although the participants were a bit unconventional – but it wasnt mindless sex as in a typical erotica novel I feel. It was profound.
    Cant wait for the hard copy to come out and I loved the cover!
    Anyhow, I can go on forever. But thank you for your writing. You have incredible talent. God bless.

    • Thank you for your kind words! To answer your question, A romance novel is categorized as one in which sex rewards the characters for following the plot. You could remove the sex entirely from a romance novel and still have the story. In erotica, sex is the plot. You cannot remove it or even really tone it down without removing key elements of the story. My books are classified as erotica because that’s what they are. Erotica doesn’t have to be mindless or gratuitously sleazy.

      • Would you think I was crazy if I told you I think of the book as a sweet love story? Meoraq is so tender toward Amber, and their lovemaking is wonderful. She hurts as much as he does when he learns the truth of his history. That’s love, not lust IMHO. Not that there’s anything wrong with erotica, but the book is so much more.

  25. R. Lee Smith has much to answer for on account of sleepless nights. I read Gann straight through, switching from iPad to Kindle as batteries wore out. I can’t remember the last time a book grabbed me like that.

  26. Land of the Beautiful Dead – sigh, another fantastic book from R Lee Smith that meant sleepless nights until it was read, and then more sleepless nights while I pondered the meaning of every encounter between Azrael and Lan, until I re-read the whole story again. Heat, Cottonwood, The Last Hour of Gann – I fell in love with all the heroes – good and bad (hmm is there such a thing as a bad hero? definitely, yes!) – and heroines, and laughed, worried and cried with them. I believe your stories are truly deserving of the title ‘epic’ and shall forever remain on my ‘to be read again” (and again) list. I take note of your advice about e-readers and the apocalypse and shall endeavour to obtain these favourite titles in hard copy 🙂 I look forward to, but wait patiently for, your next literary masterpiece. Thank you for writing.

  27. Hi! I really really enjoyed the tale of Azrael and LAN.
    You wrote an amazing book!
    Your book truly deserve 5 *.
    Thanks .You rock!

  28. So far I’ve read~The Last Hour of Gann, Cottonwood, The Scholomance, and just last night finished The Land of the Beautiful Dead. After the first book I thought I couldn’t possibly be blown away by another. This last one just about did me in (in a good way). Loved every minute of every book!

  29. Dear R. Lee Smith,

    I honestly did not know what I missed with my skeptic stance over erotica novels… I love my friend for sending me the Last Hour of Gann and you dear writer for this wonderful world and characters!

    I honestly have never read such an amazing lead female character. I fell in love with her. All of the characters and the new world were masterfully crafted. If I start talking about this book I would need a whole blog account for myself! So I limit myself to these comments.

    Please tell that you are at least considering another book into that world. I would be extatic to go there again after all I lived there for 4 full days (lucky me i had vacation days!).

    I wish you all the best in your future books and I will definitely check out the rest of your work in the future, although I am too heartbroken at the moment from being apart from these characters to read anything else…

    P.S. I have a single question that occured to me with Meoraq’s obvervation of the human male anatomy… How do lizardmen pee?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed my book. (Never know what to say to compliments that doesn’t sound like a fricking form letter, but the sentiment is true.)

      At this time, I have no plans to write a sequel. So it is with most of my books (Arcadia excepted). The story goes on, yes, and for the most part, I know how it goes on, but the book is done. If I left you wanting more, great! Far better that than to leave you wishing I’d stopped at the first book.

      Also, funny you should mention how lizardmen pee, because I initially had a scene in LHoG in which one of Scott’s cadre dismissed Amber’s leadership abilities by saying he wouldn’t take orders from someone who “would piss all over herself if she didn’t squat to pee.” This is actually an argument I have personally heard and it’s never made sense to me. After all, wouldn’t a man piss all over himself if he didn’t use his hands to aim? Anyhoo, in that deleted scene, Meoraq, listening off to one side, remarked that he squats to pee and the whole camp went quiet.

      • I read Gann almost a year ago. I’m still on a book hangover. Seriously, that book has ruined me (in the best possible way). I find myself comparing heroes in other books to Meoraq and scoffing whenever they say something he would consider to be whining. So believe me when I say I absolutely ADORED reading the little tidbit about the deleted scene (even if it is about lizard man bathroom activities). I would love reading other deleted scenes if you’d ever consider posting them (of course a sequel would be better *hint hint* but I know the answer to that 😉 ).

        I did love Land of the Beautiful Dead as well. It was a beautiful and heart wrenching story, but I never expect anything less from you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  30. I love you!
    I just finished “The Land of the Beautiful Dead”. I didn’t sleep a wink until it was over and cried my eyes out when it came to its inevitable end. I just wanted it to go on forever!
    It was the same when I read ” The Last Hour of Gann”. So many days without sleep!! Reading those books was like an endurance test! I’ll have to admit that I can’t read your books back to back. It could possibly kill me! Plus all the emotional ups and downs, my heart couldn’t take the strain! It’s been 2 years since I read Gann and it took me that long to work up the nerve for LBD! But I gushed over both books in my review on Goodreads and Amazon.
    Now I just need to rest after this latest endeavor into your wonderfully descriptive, imaginative, heart-rending yet heartwarming world of fantasy; and debate on which one to read next! Trying to decide after Gann was almost torture! I’m expecting the same trouble on deciding my next journey!
    If you have a recommendation please let me know.

    • Wonderfully descriptive, imaginative, heartrending world of fantasy? Hmm, I recommend The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. Trust me, it’s not as kiddish as it sounds. American Gods by Neil Gaiman is also an amazing journey down a much darker path. Anything by Terry Pratchett. Kind of digging George RR Martin right now…what else is good…?

      • Not fantasy but the same ‘grab-you-by-the-throat-and-won’t-let-go’ feeling: Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. Also Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, especially the audible version. Second the recommendation of GRR Martin.

  31. I have read all of your books and have realy really enjoyed them. I wouldn’t want to compare you to or against any other writer as I dont think thats fair to them or you, but I do think you have a super awesome gift and I can’t wait to read the next book.

    I am really sad to hear that you aren’t planning to publish ‘pool’ and I was wondering if you are open to selling digital copies directly? I get that its not going to be a happy ending and in all likelihood extremely gruesome, but I also feel that I can take quite a bit of dark and so far none of your books have hit the OMG that’s scary mark with me (dunno how telling that is about myself)

    Looking forward to whatever you write next.

    • Thank you! You know, your last comment there…or second to the last, I guess I should say…really got me thinking about the darker themes in my books. I do write dark, or at least, I don’t hesitate to go there if that’s where the story is, but in all honesty, I have to say, I haven’t been ‘trying’ to scare anyone. Although I still consider that I write horror/sci-fi/fantasy first and the sex and/or romance just sort of happens as any other storytelling element, I don’t ever think of it like, “How can I scare the reader? What’s scary?” Graphic gore, like graphic sex, can either enhance a book or cheapen it, depending on how it’s used, and a good rule of thumb is that if you’re only using it for shock value, you’re using it wrong.

      As for selling direct digital copies, ugh. I just don’t have it in me to learn a brand-new means of publication. Maybe someday, when I make my first million, I can hire someone to take care of all that finicky shit for me, but in the meantime, it is what it is. However, it’s not like I plan to delete Pool from the hard drive or anything. We’ll just have to see what the future brings.

      • I look forward for the day you choose to publish Pool, i live in hope that you decide you want to share your baby with the world- it may be twisted and a bit crazy, but its still your’s. I understand that some comments would have been very painful, but do consider the positive ones as well.
        That’s it. No more on this topic :), as you said it is what it is.

        I personally think the reason, I am not petrified about your stories are they are all fanatasies and the possibility of them happening in my world is nil. Its like I am looking at things through a sheet of glass which I know will not crack. But I love the richness of the characters, the word building and the emotions connected to each person, including the villains and trouble makers.

        For me the really scary things would be to lose control of self, mentally and physically and thats why books like Crazy from Cari waites, Bliss by Lisa Henry ( same Author, different pseudonymns), Gaijin by Remittance Girl are very disturbing, as they could happen in real life.

      • It’s funny how different people can be…

        For me, the supernatural will always be scarier than ‘real life’ fears, because they’re impossible and because I seem to be congenitally incapable of disregarding the impossible. So when I watch a horror movie, no matter how ridiculous the premise, there’s always this little shiver at the back of my brain that says, ‘Of course this couldn’t really happen, but what if it did?

        Also, and not to get too depressing, but there’s no fighting ‘real’ fears. No matter what rancid, slime-coated swampbeast rises out of the well and comes slouching in through your bedroom window, you can always find a way to defeat it. Supernatural horror introduces monsters just so we can stand against them, push them back, and even kill them. As for ‘real’ monsters–serial killers, random shootings, terrorists, war, rape, racism, genocide, drug addiction, child abuse–that happens every single day and too often, even killing the ‘monster’ does nothing to end the nightmare. And then there’s all those terrors that have no physical form to even combat: mental illness, disease, natural disasters. Hell, one of the scariest books I ever read was and remains Cujo, by Stephen King, because at the end of the day, it was just rabies, just a big dog, just a hot car, and just bad luck. That shit could happen to anyone.

        So yeah. I’ll keep my books firmly in the realm of the impossible, because the real world is too scary for me.

  32. I’m a *huge* fan of all your books, but I especially love The Last Hour of Gann and Cottonwood. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing stories.

    I noticed that The Land of the Beautiful Dead is up on Createspace. Will there be any chance of getting Gann and Cottonwood and the rest of your books in paperback as well? (Crossing my fingers…)

    • Yes, that is the plan, but the person I have doing that has been buried under work and forgot. She’ll get right on it as soon as the opportunity presents and I will be sure to post here as they go up.

      • On the subject of formats, I’ve been looking/waiting for an ePub for LotBD. Is that still in the works, or are you going all Amazon (i.e., Kindle and CreateSpace) from here on out?

        You’ve been getting a lot of my disposable income one way or another these last few years, but I thought I’d ask before talking myself into the paperback (which I’d probably end up buying after loving the ebook anyway). 🙂

      • For the moment, I guess it’s all Kindle/Createspace. I have tried working with Nook and other epub places in the past, but the process is unbelievably user unfriendly, or at least I found it so, and I just don’t have the patience to deal with their crap. Which is a shame, because I actually own a Nook and frequent the Barnes and Noble bookstores in person, but they apparently hate uploading my books. A lot of my problems are undoubtedly my own complete lack of technological savvy, so maybe that will change as I work at it, but for right now, yeah, I know how to use Amazon, so that’s where the books are.

    • At the moment, I’m working on my fanfic, and I haven’t decided what’s next. There are a number of possibilities tacked up on the old corkboard. I’ll just have to see which one wants it most.

  33. May I ask where you post your fanfic? Are you on AO3 or Do you post under your own name? Yes, I’m being incredibly nosy, but I really, really want to read your fanfic. 🙂

    • You’re not nosy at all, they’re valid questions. I post at and, and yes, I’m under R Lee Smith. The overarching name of the series is Everything Is All Right, but the title of the first book is Girl On the Edge of Nowhere. I believe you can find it either by searching R Lee Smith or Girl On the Edge of Nowhere. I post one chapter weekly, updating Saturday, and I try to post links here on this site to each.

  34. Hi, just curious… is there a way that we can get autographed copies of your printed books? And on a side note do you do appearances at comic/book conventions?

    • I laughed way too hard at the idea of appearing at conventions. I do occasionally go to them, though, and I even met a few fans at the RT Convention when it came to New Orleans. One day, I’m going to have to start thinking of myself as a ‘real’ writer.

      Anyhoo, to answer your questions, I think the only way I could get autographed books out is to buy them myself as they become available on Createspace (it’s going to happen, soon), sign them, and then…the idea of selling them again is way too egomaniacal. I guess I’d host a giveaway or something. Hmm. I’ll think about that. However, for the moment, the person who is handling putting my books up on Createspace is dealing with some personal stuff and putting my books in paperback format is temporarily on the back burner. It’ll happen, just not right away. I’ll be sure to post here as they become available.

  35. I stumbled across you and your stories while looking for something interesting and unique to read. I must say I’ve found it. You have quickly become one of my favourite, if not the most favourite, authors of mine. I know I can always open one of your books and find an entire world where people are people and monsters do exist and people struggle and fail, but also good things can happen. I didn’t realize just how important it was to have books that don’t pull their punches from violence, sex, and all manner of things until I read your books. I guess I just wanted to say thank someone who struggles with mental issues it’s gratifying to know on my worst nights I have something I can turn to too thoroughly escape it all. I’m looking forwards to whatever the future brings us readers = )

    • Wow, thank you for those words of support and encouragement. When you write…or at least, when I write, it’s easy to forget the other half of the human equation: the readers. It’s always startling and humbling to know that real people are really moved by the stories I tell.

  36. Praise be to Karina over at Nocturnal Book Reviews for recommending you to me, I started with The Last Hour of Gann and then bought and read everything else you’ve written. I’m half-way through The Army of Mab and am freaking out since this finishes my R.Lee Smith binge. Your writing leaves me speechless! It is weighty in so many ways, I can’t even begin to tell you. So many of your readers have said so well what your books mean to them and on all counts I agree, I just struggle to say them myself. Ps I’m a reader not a writer, lol. An author friend of mine, Grace Draven, recently asked readers what ONE book would you tell people they must read before they die and without any hesitation I said The Land of the Beautiful Dead. IMHO it is a true masterpiece of a book and by far, the most profound book I have ever read in my long life. I feel like I get you in your writing. You hit all my buttons. So, thank you for putting it out there for me and everyone else!

    • Thank you so much! I never know what to say to fan mail. Just the fact that I have fans is often too mind-boggling for words, but never think that because I don’t know how to say it, I don’t appreciate it. I’ve said it before and will say it again: Readers like you and comments like this are the reason my books are published. I am not an outgoing person by nature and after the excitement of writing a story is done and I’m faced with the overwhelming task of editing it for public consumption, the insecurities of a lifelong introvert come howling in. Land of the Beautiful Dead is a perfect example. I’ve been blown away by the positive response of readers to a book I honestly thought might kill my career. So thank you.

  37. what’s the next project. i loved the land of the beautiful dead, it had wonderful dialogue, though the female lead was at times really exasperating. your earlier work didn’t click with me but “tlotbd” really got me. heartstrings and all. the hero had a wonderful way with words

    • At the moment, I am working on some fanfiction (which you probably knew if you’ve been on this site at all in the past five months, LOL). When that project concludes, I’ll pick up another one. I have a number of cards tacked up on the old story board, but I haven’t settled on one yet. It will probably be either The Bone Tree (supernatural happenings in a small town) or The Bull of Minos (my spin on the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur). But if a new idea should come to me between now and then, I might decide to follow it down the rabbit hole instead. That’s just how it happens sometimes.

  38. I absolutely love your books. I stumbled across mention of Last Hour of Gann in a review of another author’s books. That book blew me away – in the top 5 best books I have ever read – and I have been reading and re-reading your books since. Long stories that stick in your mind and haunt you. Amazingly complex characters who evoke real, messy emotions. Incredible world building, complex and creative. I am running out of your books, and I keep trying to find a new untapped source of fresh reading material, but I’m just plain spoiled now. Thank you for this writing. I love to read (to write, also) and you are very talented – absolutely the most daring, unique author I’ve found to date.

  39. I just discovered your books last week.. on a goodreads list for scifi romance and I am blown away. It was like finding works of Picasso at the swap meet. I’m a voracious reader and have been at it for a long time.. and they are so unique, well written, and DEEP. A true breath of fresh air in a sea of literary junk food. I hope for more to come. Seriously how are they not best sellers and top of the lists? People don’t know what they are missing and you deserve a lot more attention.

    • Well, the problem with self-publishing is always self-marketing, a thing which I am no good at. People tell me I should be on social media, tweeting and Facebooking and instagramming and I have zero interest in any of these things. Even this silly blog takes way more out of my day than it should. Social networking just doesn’t coming easily to me and every hour I spend on it is an hour I could be writing. Some day, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and learn how to market, but I’ll put it off as long as I can.

  40. I just wanted to let you know I’m trying to buy The Scholomance on Kindle and the file is corrupt. I know you personally have nothing to do with that, but thought you should know. Been on the phone with them for an hour lol..they are refunding me and I’m going to try to get my hands on it through another source. I saw you listed some others above. I’m hooked and won’t stop until I’ve read them all. 😉

    • Strange. I bought The Scholomance for my Kindle and read it without difficulty. This was in September 2014, so maybe something has happened to it since then.

      • I bought Cottonwood and Olivia from them with no problem in the last week or so. They tested it and confirm that there was a problem with the file and it wasn’t just me. I went ahead and got this book from blushing which was suggested above. I’d rather read it on my Calibre anyway.

    • Thanks for letting me know…it’s funny that Amazon wouldn’t send me a little notice if they’ve confirmed the problem is with the file, but whatever. I’ll see what I need to do to get that fixed. Hopefully, they’ll let me re-upload the file without losing all my ratings and reviews.

  41. If Tanith Lee and Angela Carter had a menage with Ann Mayburn, you would be their biological impossibility of an unholy offspring.

  42. Hi, I’ve read almost all your book with the exception of Heat and the Scholomance, and they are phenomenal!! My favorite is Cottonwood. Do you have any new books in the works that you will be releasing soon?

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